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Hooray for 3 races at Anaheim *eye roll*

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This is my biggest complaint about the west coast races. Why not bump them up by two hours?? Not everyone wants to/can stay up until 1am to watch the races.

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So they can show that but can't go the full length for the mains???

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I think it'll be interesting to watch. I'm just curious who the hell Christian VDV is and how he got in this. From what I've seen, he has nothing to do with moto.

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That's really weak on Don's part.

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I watched the video too. I hope that its not true as I really enjoy watching motorsports on NBCSN. It also amazes me that Fox would want out of NASCAR.

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The guy is Tim Ezell that reports for our local Fox station. He's always doing goofy stuff like that so it doesn't surprise me that it was him who did that.

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How does a new company like that (with ties to a company that failed) have the money to sponsor a motocross team???

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I was the one that sent this on Pulpmx on Monday. I live in the Midwest and get up at 4am due to work. During the MEC, I was having issues staying up by the time the second main event ended. I just do not see why an event like the monster cup or the ... more »

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What's on the back of Shane's helmet in the last photo of him?

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Which episode are you referring to?

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Photos or it ddin't happen

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No one fucking cares that RC's kid was playing Roczen in a video game. Hell, he isn't even in the new game that they were talking about.

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What was said and when did they day it?

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They will probably be head to toe in Fox and Shift.

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But why only a one year deal??

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Wonder why STL was dropped....

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I still can't believe they won't be in St. Louis in 2019

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They both will be missed.

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I think Tomac would be a good fit for his show due to the fitness and hunting interests between the two. Now just if he was more extroverted in the public.