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Sorry but you got it wrong.......there i see team usa on top of the World, and deserved it cuz they were the strongest for Tomac himself, and Sexton, what i see os that they got beat at home by two rookies of their classes, Justin Cooper ... more »

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Its just as stupid as the concept itself and it being a World Championship, but its how americans like, being on top do the World, their own world !!!!! ......It Will be funny to see Tomac, on a sx only contract, be the supermotocross world champion, ... more »

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the interesting part of all this midia drama roczen/honda is .........first of all, Honda Motors is a japanese brand, number one motorcycle brand in the world, and Honda Racing Corporation is its racing department and is also based in japan.....but if ... more »

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Worst is all of those that dont understand how motocross works.....

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The thing here is actions, Feld and Ama only take actions when it is of their interest.....some American racers have the right to take out oposition.....others get DQ .......and if it is the case of a Foreigner doing it, as it was the case of Ferrandis ... more »

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RC4 lapped everybody at one race.....

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Star has been burning a lot of young talent latelly, looking for the easy win......i think it Will be dificult for them to even make podiums in a while........just like it happened to PC .......

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This is exactly the same reason that made jalek swoll got the Horizon award and not Jett or shimoda........and thats exactly why América has been loosing all international races as a country since 2011.......patriotism can be a very bad thing when used ... more »

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Americans just wont moto brand, not a interesting auto brand ....all hype on ancient technology....and still hope to be relevent......its interesting how people in América are so far out of world order these days......

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If you want to be "bam bam" then you have to be able to hold a " bam".......easy to be " bam bam" when it is the rulling body doing the "bam" for you !!!!!

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People love a good doesnt matter what are the fact or consequences.....if it is a good lie, they will bealive it no problem.......its like when suzuki dropped rogers team and dungey because they were winning too much, they just had to lie about ... more »

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lots of people are just looking for drama, miss the point on mx racing, come here just to pin point make up drama and come here acting like this is another reality tv show.... i saw, in this ltitle video, roczen getting up to wilson, wilson noticed and ... more »

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this photo sums up what barcia is as a racer barcia is just a very gifted, spoiled dumb bratt !!!!! in the first race of the year barcia took a lesson on racing from roczen, roczen avoided contact because of crash risk and settled for 2º that night, ... more »

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i like to see all the creative excuses that people make up here, to justify what is happening in sx these days, specially the ones about the track, as if they had ever build a sx track or even have an idea of what it takes to build one.... as much as ... more »

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"the blindest of them all, is the one who does not want to see..." from a few years now, the talent pool of america is too shallow, too much hype and social media for too less racing..... kids in america these days, get to the superstar level racer, ... more »

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who ever goes out of his way, not minding to rack his own chances, just to take some other racer out of the race.......what for me, in the sx/mx game, is called cheating !!!!!!

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250 mod should be the real championship......... with a 250 stock feeder class and a 125 2stroke junior class.... the 450 have outgrown the stadium tracks and schooling system does not work well anymore.... i have been talking about this for a few yeas ... more »

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jett lawrence got 10 seconds on him in just 5 laps, passed him and he only got to the podium cus of other rider dirtyness.......he really should be happy for it, shouldnt he ?????

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this place is so bias it smells !!!!!!!! so when ferrandis(foreigner) did it to craig( american) this place when bazurk, and ferrandis was penalized !!!!!!, even the move of lawrence(foreigner) on mosiman (american) was consider dirty and jett had to ... more »

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from my knowledge on the matter, i would advise you to be careful with what you do, so that you dont harm your body instead of benefit it, it is easy to provoque damage to your joints, tendons and specially your cartilage.... so i would advise you to ... more »