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lots of people are just looking for drama, miss the point on mx racing, come here just to pin point make up drama and come here acting like this is another reality tv show.... i saw, in this ltitle video, roczen getting up to wilson, wilson noticed and ... more »

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this photo sums up what barcia is as a racer barcia is just a very gifted, spoiled dumb bratt !!!!! in the first race of the year barcia took a lesson on racing from roczen, roczen avoided contact because of crash risk and settled for 2º that night, ... more »

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i like to see all the creative excuses that people make up here, to justify what is happening in sx these days, specially the ones about the track, as if they had ever build a sx track or even have an idea of what it takes to build one.... as much as ... more »

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"the blindest of them all, is the one who does not want to see..." from a few years now, the talent pool of america is too shallow, too much hype and social media for too less racing..... kids in america these days, get to the superstar level racer, ... more »

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who ever goes out of his way, not minding to rack his own chances, just to take some other racer out of the race.......what for me, in the sx/mx game, is called cheating !!!!!!

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250 mod should be the real championship......... with a 250 stock feeder class and a 125 2stroke junior class.... the 450 have outgrown the stadium tracks and schooling system does not work well anymore.... i have been talking about this for a few yeas ... more »

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jett lawrence got 10 seconds on him in just 5 laps, passed him and he only got to the podium cus of other rider dirtyness.......he really should be happy for it, shouldnt he ?????

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this place is so bias it smells !!!!!!!! so when ferrandis(foreigner) did it to craig( american) this place when bazurk, and ferrandis was penalized !!!!!!, even the move of lawrence(foreigner) on mosiman (american) was consider dirty and jett had to ... more »

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from my knowledge on the matter, i would advise you to be careful with what you do, so that you dont harm your body instead of benefit it, it is easy to provoque damage to your joints, tendons and specially your cartilage.... so i would advise you to ... more »

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what really impresses me is the chassis, being able to mount a 2 stroke engine in the new 2021 chassis without have to modify it....... now imagine how much better a cr500al will be, or even how perfect the cr250al will be, i wish i could get one.... ... more »

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the universe is against him !!!!!!!

Added a comment about feature Good, Bad, 'n Ugly: Houston 3 1/27/2021 2:50 PM

on purpose or not, its not up to me to was damn ugly to see a racer of wilson calibre to put himself in such a position.......and for that i think you got your list wrong, wilson had to be on the ugly level for he was the ugliest racer of the night........

-6 2 8

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so many though guys here talking shit on roczen atittude....... i wonder if all of you had your arms like roczen had his, would you have the grits to even ride a ama supercros track, let alone race the best in such a track..... not understanding that ... more »

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did you ear that ????? when talking about webb, he said " once they got to wilson, he knew kenny was going to have lappers trouble !!!!!" i guess blair has to be more careful if he wants to keep his show.....

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nop....he was doing what great racers do and the jump reacted to the huge hype put on practice these days, the jump lost his coolness and made forkners front wheel to hit it, he even did a flip but the floor broke his colarbone.....

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just a few days ago, Roczen explained why he didnt force it into Barcia for the lead of the 450 main...... the diference is that Roczen and all those mentioned are in fact RACERS, not what the little bratt thinks of himself, he is not really a racer, ... more »

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from the pics i have seen of him in the star yamaha........he is not comfy inside his 3xlarge seven pants either

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the same as the 2 stroke world championships in glen helen..... every body knows it is only about the world of united states, isnt it ??

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this was the riding upgrade that made MC the king of supercross..... the fastest way form A to B is a straigth line, so the lower you jump, the fastest you get from the face to the landing of the jump, and the fastest you can put the power back to the ... more »

Added reply in a thread MxBars predicted the future? GasGas 2021 7/11/2020 1:15 AM

all that to does who wish they could buy a ATK or a Cannondale and they couldnt cuz they werent even built !!!!!!!!!! That goes to all the euro brand critics that i have been reading these last days .......i had it since the pumkipin days, and these ... more »