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Looking to sell my 2020 YZ250F. Has around 26hrs(I’ll send a pic of hours for serious buyer) of split race/practice time, A class. Air filter/oil changed very often. Bike has new Cycra plastics, tires, chain and sprockets. Has Factory Connection suspension

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I’ve run VPR in all of my YZ250Fs (2016,2018,2020) Amazing fuel, bike runs noticeably cooler. All stock motors however.

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That was the main line. Tomac was in front. Regardless of who it was, there is nothing wrong that.

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Tech 10s here. Mine always hold up really well. I’d be interested in trying a pair of Gaerne if they are less stiff than the Tech 10s.

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Doing great up here in New England from what I’ve seen. Practice tracks have been packed every time I go and NESC pulls 20 to 30 450 Pro/A every weekend.

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The pressure plate had a very slight ridge on it. I’m going to order one but it was pushed back a few days so I don’t think I’ll get it in time. Thanks.

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Awesome, thanks!

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Hey guys, I recently started get some clutch slippage on my 2014 YZ450F. I’ve got a big race coming up so I ordered some new plates and fibers. Well I took my clutch off, lo and behold my clutch boss is notched. The other components of the clutch have ... more »

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I bought a new 18 250f last year. My first big purchase on my own. 0 down for 2 years, was $350 a month. Ouch. Sold it 1 year later and got more than what I owed which was nice. I bought a low hour 450f for $3000 after that and never looked back. They ... more »

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I don’t day trade but know someone who does. Once you get good there is some serious money to be made. Do your research and get a good program for monitoring stocks, a lot of people use Think or Swim. Start small. I’m still very new so I won’t give any ... more »

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Check your kill switch. Edit: Nevermind, I re-read everything and that wouldn’t be it.

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Got to race that track for an area qualifier. Really cool layout but man that track was littered with rocks! Nothing like any track I’ve ridden in New England.

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I can’t say about the 17’, but my 16’ and 18’ were bulletproof. Great bikes.

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Picked up this 2014 YZ450F last year for $3000. Had 10 hours from a vet rider, bike was in mint shape. Came with full Akrapovic exhaust and JGR lower pull rod. Sold those to pay for a FC Suspension respring/revalve.

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I’m extremely thankful for the hard work my parents did to get my brother and I racing every weekend for almost 10 years. When they bought a new bike for me, they would put it in my room. Even a 250f. Talk about a surprise after school!

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I have always done what the manual says for break in. No problems yet, every bike has made it 50+ hours.

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Nice work!

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First race was in 2004 or 05. My brother had been racing for years before and I kept asking my parents to race. Was in the staging area over an hour before my first moto just waiting

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My 16 and 18 also did the same thing. Both made it 50+ hours no problem.