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Possibly. It’s also possible he’s telling the truth. Also seems possible you have no clue which one is accurate and are blindly taking sides

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I’ve definitely wondered the same. Yes once or twice a year he makes you forget about his usual 12th place finishes with a moto win or holeshot, but on average he seems right in line with these other guys struggling for rides. Flame on

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I thought the video was well done. Nice job

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Pretty clear no opinions will be changed here. Hope Prado recovers well and has minimal disruptions from all this.

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I use State Farm and have no complaints. If I had geico, I’d at the the very least be getting some quotes right now. Although little to them, Money talks. And there’s way too many people just going along with things right now

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Good find man, thanks for posting

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I saw this recently too. Telling someone to go look at CDC numbers is “down playing the situation”. This stuff is insanity at this point and yea, there are a lot of people and families getting into a really bad position because their livelihoods were ... more »

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Omg man... your big toe nail is damn near the length of the toe!

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Problem is Bobby likely isn’t multiplying actual confirmed covid cases by ~15 like a substantial portion of the US (ex. Collin county TX...) to get to the sky rocketing numbers you’re being blasted with by the media. For every one confirmed covid case, ... more »

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Dang, I jumped back on to see if the thread was still going and happy to see it’s still somewhat civil, even if it took some clipping by mods. And as far as postponing the nats go, @dc, I completely understand making the decision. The potential liability ... more »

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Being from the Seattle area, this is hilarious. Ah and yea we went back into panic mode after we were told cases went up and our mayor said the Yakima county had a hospital out of beds due to a massive rise in cases. The hospital the he was referring ... more »

Added reply in a thread Is there any update on colt? 6/23/2020 1:25 PM

People on here often get blasted for having an opinion of a rider or situation when they haven’t qualified for an sx or national, so with that, Carmichael immediately said Sexton should have used better judgement and known better. Seems like his opinion ... more »

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I’m to the point of agreeing with your mindset at this point. Events in recent weeks have made it incredibly clear there have been pretty blatant lies around the virus and it’s spread, but to see some people and companies pick and choose which arbitrary ... more »

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In the past I’ve known guys that ran dealerships and flipping used bikes was their primary operation, but they traveled a long way to find the bikes. More recently I’ve noticed a lot of people flipping anything they can from lawn mowers to cars to make ... more »

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Living in the northwest, I see places like that for that price and it’s hard to believe it’s even in the same country.

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Haha exactly what i get when i say the price of one, but i don't understand it. Parents will drop $300-400 on a video game system or $200 on ipads or hundreds on other toys that'll get used for a couple months then broken or into the garbage, but think ... more »

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Bummer, because these things have been a huge help. Not only has it been something he's happy to go outside and ride for hours a day, its taught him a lot around balance, coordination, etc... Even kids in the neighborhood that don't have any interest ... more »

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Awesome, i'd jump on board but i don't use FB. My son loves his Stacyc 12" we got a few years ago. Its been super durable and reliable. I'm curious if anything about the bikes changed since Harley took over.

Added reply in a thread "The Government Filled a SoCal Skate Park with Sand, So the Skaters Turned it Into a Dirt Bike Track" 4/21/2020 9:00 AM

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I’d be a little surprised if he was at this point. He did some minor work on one of my bikes about 18 years ago and at that time I’d guess he was in his early 50’s? I was also pretty young and age estimates may have not been very accurate.