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Tankless water heater for my home (4 bed/2.5 bath, 2 adults, 2 children) would have to be 260,000BTU/hr according to published guides. Screw that...I have a 34k galon pool heater is 250,000BTU/HR. Not paying that kind of $$ to take a shower. ... more »

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Damn skippy about the cooktop. Electric sucks. Further, gas heat for pool and hot tub means a safer experience (you don't have a 240v, 60 Amp circuit potentially exposed to the water)

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I change my oil after every GNCC, filter every two unless I abused the clutch...then it's oil and filter every time

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If you go with a full wave rectifier, you'll have too much voltage drop due to the forward resistance of the diodes. If memory serves, those bikes had 6 volt electrics...very weak to begin with. There is no induction coil on those bikes. if it's a round ... more »

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That minimum wage compensation is a federal policy...and it's a relatively new one. Restaurants have always been allowed to pay tipped employees less than the standard minimum wage, due to receiving more income due to being tipped. However, it has been ... more »

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Actually what you're describing is called annealing, where the goal is to soften the material so it may be bent without cracking. You don't need or want your aluminum that hot prior to welding

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I've done the AWRCS there...can't speak as to the trail riding though...

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that's not going to include rebuilding the crank. Sounds like you're gonna get taken for a need a press and a few other bits to rebuild a crankshaft....

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Then you have some seriously crappy shops in your area, I'm afraid. I have a good shop local to me, and I do trust their work. However, because they're human, they can make mistakes. I have them do my crank rebuilds for me, and even though they do good ... more »

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It doesn't matter if anyone expects the wheel would finish the moto. Point is, the rider can feel a difference in the wheel, and would immediately lose confidence in said wheel. the number of spokes lost is not relevant...only what the rider perceives ... more »

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2017 CRF450RX has both

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Just buy a rod kit ( Hot Rods has a kit, and OEM parts are still available from Suzuki) for it and a set of main bearings. Pull the crank and take it, along with the rod kit to your local Suzuki shop and have them rebuild the crank for you. Should cost ... more »

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When you say that at the flag drop MM was down 34 points, then at the end of the race MM isd shown down 14 points, and you state that MM made up 30 points that race, you sound like an idiot...(or am I the only one who heard Ralph say that?) Edit: No, ... more »

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If the rest of the bike is as beat as you describe, you can be certain it needs main bearings/seals/rod replaced. If you don't bite the bullet and do the bottom end it WILL blow up on you. Not a question of if, but when

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The springs (or air) are only there to hold the bike at the proper attitude. Spring for your weight, and valve to suit the springs and rider preference.

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Boy Roger sure looked deflated. During that brief interview

Added reply in a thread total noob have a brake piston question 4/9/2018 3:08 PM's an insulator.

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Exhaust is pretty much specific to'd have to go to PC or FMF and compare part numbers for each year to know for certain.