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It's been's called "Too Much Fun" by Daryl Singletary

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Carolina offers a good line of boots. A bit less pricey than Red Wing as well. I presently wear boots with the internal metatarsal guard and composite toe. They were $142, and they are some of the most comfy boots I've ever worn. Durable too

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for $4k there better be some traceability. if not, it's no better than craigslist

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Hit up Motion Pro...they could most likely help you out. Also, I may have a stock original piece. I can look if you like

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Before you have this problem again, take apart the mode/kill switch/MIL assembly. You'll find that the kill switch and mode switch are microswitches on a PCB. Those microswitches are not sealed. When you pressure wash them, or drive through a howling ... more »

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Funny you should mention the TR140 commercial version...I have the residential version. Don't see many sand filters that size on a residential pool. The guy that had the pool put in at my place was a doctor...spent buckets on the pool. Got the in floor ... more »

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I'd say go get a cartridge style filter, get water through it with a gasoline pump if you have to, and just use a pool vacuum brush on a telescoping pole to vacuum it out. I'd make certain you do not use stabilized chlorine in it too....sometimes you ... more »

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Reed posted on his IG that he'd have liked to race Paris, but it wasn't logistically possible.

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Dude is probably faster on that production Kwacker than most guys on a full race setup. So much faster into and through the corners...

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I'd recommend getting some full coverage insurance on your bike. It'll pay in the event you hurt yourself, damage the bike, run over your trail riding buddy, damage property or another motor vehicle, etc. It won't cover you while racing but it's better ... more »

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Verstappen was ahead...but had not cleared ya he shouldn't have turned in. Still doesn't justify the shoving match...

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Lol...I have the bicycling addiction as well...just not the kind of money or connections it takes to get something like that....

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Obviously Verstappen doesn't care what F1 fans think, because some of us think he's a first class douchebag for what happened after the race. Ocon should have knocked Verstappen's teeth down his throat...he didn't because he'd have been in the doghouse ... more »

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cages over the blades would be nice......

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For less than $200 you can get a good used Win7 box with Intel Core i5-i7 processor and 4-8GB ram. No need to buy new. Worst you might have to do is buy a better video card. (About a year ago I scored a HP8200 with 8 core I7 and 4GB ram for $140 on Ebay. ... more »

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bearing blew up, the balls got into the center of the hub and tore it up. If it's just the bearing spacer it's not a big deal, but if the body of the hub is grooved, you need to replace it

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They don't want to stay in XC2 because it doesn't pay squat if you're not winning everything

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My point exactly. once anything has bent, it's been taken past its yield point, and will never be as strong as it was originally. Also, once past the yield point, a catastrophic failure (think snapped in half, forks separate from the bike) is more likely ... more »