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The funny thing is, that bike can be made ridiculously fast! I rode an 02 motor in an 03 chassis in 03. The '03 was the worst motor every made, in one of the best chassis, FYI. Factory Connection lent me a factory cylinder/head/power valve, and custom

... more »
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I am hearing a lot of mixed reviews on them. A buddy of mine who's been on Hondas for years is getting a Suzuki next. The fork seal issue is a major problem at the local level, many riders are not nearly as proactive as you need to be to ensure you don't ... more »

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I'm thinking of getting a custom painted lid this year for the downhill season and I want to send my helmet to someone who's not going to sit on it for 4 months before getting started. I'd like to see turn around of 6 weeks or less. Anyone have any recommendations ... more »

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Joey Peters – Blood Clots in Left Lung, Two Back Fractures and Blood in Colon and Pelvis Yeah, that does not sound good... I'd love to hear an update asap.

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Quit in 2003 to finish my degree, haven't seriously thought about getting a bike in a while. I've basically supplanted moto with XC and DH mountain biking. I haven't ever stopped following the sport closely though. ... more »

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Wow, that could be a hippa related lawsuit! hehe although the uvula is in your throat, not sure what that was referencing.

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So fucking pro...

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Nobody is stopping anyone, but it is surely easier to pull it off when you're younger and possibly have some parental backing. When I went back I was 22, paid my own bills, and graduated around 26, it was hard to work and goto school. Paying your own ... more »

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I agree, I see my career as a success too, maybe not to the level of Regis, I was never featured in a Thor ad when I raced minis... I definitely have excelled in my work life due to the ethic I gained by hanging it out in motocross. The confidence you ... more »

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I have written many posts like this over the years on various message boards. I debated this topic with Weege and sent a very serious letter to DC some years back about college engineering programs getting involved in racing. I totally agree w/ your ... more »

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Trey, Summer 2007. The week after Loretta's.

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I hate to say it, but professional porn is as harsh for women as moto is for men. Respect! lol... I kid, I kid.

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I think it's a matter of different motivations. Chad doesn't have the stats that RC had to protect. He went 10/10 in outdoor titles. Chad on the other hand has nowhere near that level of parity. RC also had the Nascar motivation as others have said. ... more »

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yeah that rythme he's doing is whacky. Deano seems to have the combination of height and light weight. Those long legs come in handy when you're springing long jumps like that. That jump he was doing after the whoops at Pala this year was pretty ridiculous ... more »

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It also matters whether you/your parents can partially fund the team you're on.

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I wrote a long post about this several years ago on motonews I think. I think this idea could work if a variety of factors were lined up. - The school needs to have a strong mechanical engineering program (Students can learn about stress testing and ... more »

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Barcia, Roczen, Deano and Bagget are all heavy favorites, a lot of luck will determine who actually takes it at that level. I think Musquin can be a dark horse if he stays consistent and off the ground. Tomac is definitely going to be ready this year, ... more »

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I found this on Motonews around the summer of 2007, still one of the sickest scrub shots ever. Looks like he's managed to come off the ground before the takeoff here somehow. Sick.
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Yeah Aaron, last time I saw you I think was at budds creek pro national in 2003, I think we finished near each other too, where I always finished 20-25th, haha. I remember riding claytons sand pit with you in the day too, I practically lived at that ... more »