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Exactly. Quite possibly the best 125 er ever....yeah, i'm including stew.

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You're delusional. Don't let the facts get in the way.

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Beautiful. This is everything I love about the sport. Thanks for the post.

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Yeah that's a bute. Mind if I ask how much?

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So I watched the first F1 race with a lot of interest. Would the new rule giving an extra point to the fastest lap driver just be a gimmick or something deemed really valuable? I loved it. It seems we get a lot of complaining about "mixing stuff up" ... more »

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I still find it funny they had to basically steal Kennys podcast name (albeit a dormant podcast)

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This... it created a lot of passes and guys were either getting pulled through there or pulling someone. What else do you want?

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I was going to say "If you live in California you must drive moral vehicles" but then I saw where you careful my friend. They may be coming for you!

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I'm glad you had fun. I flew into San Diego yesterday to see my granddaughter and would have loved to have made the trip up but the fam would have had some issues LOL It's something I really want to do though. It's funny. I'm a pulpmx diehard but I have ... more »

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They weren't specific enough for you? That's an Abomination!

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So Rodger getting a promotion and raise with the same company he already worked at and Staff at Honda being told to don't come back and your paycheck will stop is the same thing? O.K.

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This is the greater interest for me. Both Kenny and Eli are paid to bring championships to their respective brands. Are they worth having on your team? Of course! They are great riders but...are they still premier, championship contender, pay category ... more »

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Team mates that punt each other (especially at KTM with Rodger) arent team mates for long. Webb would NOT do it to Marv. He had several opportunities to do so as he flew by and, did not touch him.

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I was thinking the same thing. I grew up in the 80's on Suzuki's and still root for them but come on people. Time to put on the electric start.

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Love San Diego. Daughter lives there and we visit alot. We thought about moving there and then reality hit. Where will the lifted F-250, 25 ft. trailer and 32 ft. RV go? There is NO space there. Gotta go more inland.

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You really should be more observant of the facts.

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This is a good podcast if you go into it knowing what it is. It's a podcast of some guy you don't know and don't want to know, blabbing about things you don't care about for 3+ freaking hours! Oh, and the great Chad Reed drops by and manages to get in ... more »

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Amen brother

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I just "touch and widen" on my screen.