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No one can judge weather this is the wrong or right approach from this one video. You would need to know the ins and outs of pierce personality/traits, the relationship he has with this mechanic etc etc to know if this approach is good for him or not. ... more »

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I have no clue who’s going to be upfront this season fighting for championship, just hopes. Would love to see morbidelli up clinch it and/or one of the ktm’s in the hunt too. I think MM93 isn’t going to be the same rider off the bat, if at all. This ... more »

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Yet at glen Helen spodes ride with pros on practise days 🙄😂 If you’ve got the gate to have more than one class I agree, but if there is like less than a gate full of riders there on 65s for example, let them all line up together, if you get lapped you ... more »

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I’m really new to crypto, literally got Coinbase last week and bought $30 each btc ltc and eth. My plan is to play the long game and just stick 20-30 in one of the three here and there, and cut back elsewhere to cover it like not buying a coffe/lunch ... more »

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Can anyone comment on what fitment is like?

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You’ve started 4 threads in 4 days about helmets, just pick one and buy it... 🙄

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Riders would shit a brick if we ever got real journalists in this sport 😂

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Why is there a need for +30 +35 +40 +45 +50 in the first place???? This is fucking madness to me. Should be 250, 450 and a vet class (plus 35 or 40’or whatever the promoter wants it to be. Also, should be no a b and c class unless the gate is full and ... more »

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350 all day. Not going to be much faster on a 450, probably not even at all but you’ll save so much energy on the 350 and be faster overall. If it were me I’d be looking at a 300 2stroke.

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You guys 100% need to decrease the number of classes. IMO 50,65,sw85,bw85,supermini,250,450,vet is all you really need. Average 3x15min motos per class.

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Love this, become a massive fan of Blair this season. Rutledge on the other hand drives me nuts but would be interesting to watch with someone non-moto to see their opinion on him...

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Vipers are too easy to ride over, alligators are better and easier to find in Orlando 👍🏼

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Was never personally a fan of the most boring man in moto ‘Donn’ anyway, this doesn’t help things 😂

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The Star Yamaha and the Yamaha plessinger and barcia were on last year are worlds apart. The issue isnt the bike, it was the factory Yamaha team, Reed has mentioned this before. Put a podium guy on the star 450 it will get a podium.

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Lots of places do because we conquered a lot of the world, USA flag should be one of them, ungrateful colonials. 🙄

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Not a fan of this Hubbard either. Confused Noren for Bowers earlier, literally the only similarity is they’re both on kawi 🙄

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His favourite race ever? Favourite bike? Worst bike. What skill/attribute as a rider did he wish he had that he feels he lacked? What does he feel was his best skill/attribute?

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They’ve sent you the wrong pants, not a defect just wrong colour, do the pants still have the label? Will maybe say another colour other than sand?

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Mines called Katie-Em....

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He’s actually a pro enduro rider now over here..