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Guarantee those guy's that hit the sub 6% BF that look that lean and dry like the pic above are on SO Many drugs. No way that guy does that year round. It's impossible to be that shredded without Help.....

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Great to hear that he was able to secure a ride but I was hoping he'd be able to ride the big bike some.

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Anybody here play Destiny on Xbox One? Very good game if you haven't tried it and this will keep me busy even when the new call of duty comes out. Add me if you like. TulsaGasser

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Hot Springs is a cool little town. I say little but I know it's bigger. Just has a small feel on certain area's. I'll have to check it out on my next trip. I surprised AR doesn't have more tracks with the hills and terrain.

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I've heard stories of the zink ranch but never got to ride there. If your open to driving a little over an hour there is a track in siloam springs, AR. It's about 5 miles off why 412. I know they ride there because they were open 2 weeks ago. Not sure ... more »

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Whats the track called in Hot Springs? I've been there on vacation before and could see me taking my bike with me next go around.

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They got a track right near the border of AR and OK on the OK side just west of Siloam Springs. Not sure of the name but you can find it on google maps and I know they ride there because it was open 2 weekends ago. Another that I know of on the border ... more »

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That mini trail 70 honda is sweetness. I had a 50 and a 70 when I was a kid and would really like to find another 70. They hold value well. Called about 1 not too long ago and the guy sold it in one hour.

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Glad to hear all the good reviews. I ordered the Sidi Crossfire TA's from BTO. Used the 20% off too.

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Give me the rundown on these please. I'm fixing to pull the trigger as my AS Tech 8's finally gave up the ghost after almost 10 years of faithful service. Almost got some more of them but I remember how long they took to break in the first go around. ... more »

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Highland was just down the road from where I live. They had a track on site for testing and had big plans. The owner and several of the big exec's died in a plane crash near tulsa. They had a lot of potential as far as building bikes and I'm sure would ... more »

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TMX was a little on the dangerous side. They ran practice's just like races. They gated and off you went for 10 minutes. No time to learn the layout. If your open to non mx you can ride plenty of trails near keystone lake.

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There is a good track in Okmulgee called Jandebeur's MX. He takes pretty good care of the entire grounds and has 4 tracks on the property. 1 is a shorter track with lots of jumps. The next one is a big outdoor style track. He has a hare scrambles loop ... more »

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I just had the X-Trig put on at the same time I had my suspension revolved. Although it's someone costly it makes setting your sag easy. I once cross threaded the lock washers on the shock and had to take it off and use a thread file to fix it. The Xtrig ... more »

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The new Diesel engine that Dodge is putting in the Rams was designed by a company for GM in Europe and was going to be put in all the caddilacs over there just before the recession. GM dropped it and when Fiat took Chysler over they bought the company ... more »

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Yeah he didn't win but watching him on the track he was clearly the fastest guy on a bike. He was near the front in one main and hit a down rider in the whoops and crashed hard.

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Amsoil arena cross just finished at the BOK Center here in Tulsa,ok . I just have to say that Tyler Bowers is a stud on on a bike. That guy should be riding for a team for super cross. That is all.

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That is a sweet bike. I got passed by one years back on a long sweeping right hand turn. Kind where you just lay it over and hammer down on the throttle. The old man riding the bike had a leather chest protector on and I could swear was grinning at me ... more »

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Reminds me of a few years back when all those dodge employee's were busted in a park on lunch hour drinking beer's and smoking pot. A news reporter busted them and when he showed up they all hauled ass out of there. The Union decided to send them home ... more »