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I can't understand what youre saying with Ralphs nuts in your mouth. Spit em out and try again.

Added reply in a thread So I contacted Feld 6/28/2020 9:50 AM

The fact that some of y'all are totally ok with a shit broadcast and a terrible play by play guy honestly says more about you than it does OP. Apathy, what is it? Be happy with your shit broadcast then and shut the fuck up and don't post on these threads ... more »

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I really enjoy your vids! Thanks.

Added reply in a thread Leaving Mote due to injury, alternatives? 6/26/2020 11:24 AM

You said you're fairly close to the coast. When l stopped riding for eight years surfing took it's place. I'd surfed for years but it had basically become just a few times a summer but then l stopped riding and refocused on surfing and it became a obssesion.

... more »
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Terrible news. RIP.

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Welcome to groundhog day, y'all!!! Every fricken year we go through this charade and every year the same thing happens. Flashes of brilliance but mostly struggles and crashes. I really like Sexton and he's a future star but are we really going to fo ... more »

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This news makes me happy. I really enjoy Marvs presence and riding.

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I stand in one place for a very long time. Oh and water too.

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For real? Youre going to foist up a navel gazing, collegiate freshmen argument? HahahHhHaaaaa "How can there he so much pain in the world if there's a God?" Herp de derp. So original, so trite. For what it's worth, l was raised a in a strict Mormon household ... more »

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By the way, respect is earned, not given. Ralph? Respect? Lolz. I'll make the argument that Ralph disrespects the sport in every telecast. Multiple times.

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It ain't Kennys speed, it's Kenny brutal inconsistencies. I love Kenny and l think he'll continue to win races but until he figures out his health l don't see him winning any championships. There's too many other guys that can do it every week and right ... more »

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I used to defend Ralph bit these last two seasons and this last especially it almost seems as if he's trying to so terrible he gets fired. It. Is. Awful. And l agree with another poster that essentially except for Ricky they all need to go. Even Blair. ... more »

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Not a thing to complain about. The SLC run turned out to be really fun and produced some great racing. Congrats to all the new Champions, Eli, Chase, Dylan and Zach for that win.

Added reply in a thread ToMaCs gOnNa ToMaC 6/21/2020 3:42 PM

Solid season and a a run in SLC that made him a SX champion. Congrats ET3. Well deserved. And on Fathers Day. Good stuff.

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Maybe Rick Harrison can lowball him for ya! Rick will offer $123.00. He's got to resell it after all. To you.

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Yeah because stealing and acting like an entitled prick is soooo cool and ok because he's fast. I swear to fucking god, some moto people will just say anything to seem cool. Pick a lane guys, you all want situational morality and that ain't how it works. ... more »

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Congrats! Sweet bike.

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I don't think it's fair to assess the field as of the race last night. It's near the end of the season and it's been an odd as fuck season on top of all that but not everyone is racing with the passion they all have at the beginning of the the season. ... more »

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Guffaw. Well played. The beard is a nice touch.