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We have been using these with great results

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These are awesome!

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Two weeks from release.

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Just saw press release updated look from all white. I think it looks pretty good what do you guys think?

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BlackfootDirect got one yesterday in Calgary

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Webb is a punk, whipping into Roczen beginning of year almost taking him in the air, now cross jumping. It was so obvious on TV and the boys in the booth completely clueless picking up on it!! Last week not picking it up on Forkner crossing over on Osborne ... more »

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Ask Grant Langston what he thinks about Honda!

In Canada Blackfoot ran a successful Factory Honda team that won almost every moto that they entered for 14 seasons. In 2006 (won 450 and 250 West championships) and a few weeks before final round ... more »
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You said it yourself we had the best race in a long time in those last two laps. If Anderson waited for MM to move over or perfect opportunity to pass that epic battle would not have happened. Anderson was clearly the faster rider last night. You can

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From being basically an amputee last year to where he is right now is a championship in itself. I am far from a fan of Honda and Roczen but mad respect for him for what he is doing right now!! He will win again and as mentioned lot more races and he ... more »

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Yup well to a TC150. Soooooooo much fun and way faster than the small bore I remember from the

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GMC is just a Chevrolet, Lexus IS just a Toyota..........seriously? The Austrians get it and Husky now opens the doors for all those KTM fence sitters to make the move to "their" brand. I am a Husky dealer and being at both dealer meeting the message ... more »

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Nothing like beating a dead horse. It's like going on GMC Sierra forums and telling everyone they are just Chevy Silverado's. Why not look at it as the first company to have a business plan like the automotive industry. A smart one! Toyota/Lexus Nissan/Infinity

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Crappy to hear. Lots of effort put into the team and did a great job representing his sponsors. Pro Circuit Monster Yamaha YZ450F for supercross. Will be good to see back on blue.

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Did not realize that you could pass on yellow in AMA (kinda silly as no one will ever slow down for downed riders safety but that is another topic) but I watched it a few times and 10 feet before the pass there was an official holding a red cross flag ... more »

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Who cares that RV was fastest the night and would have won anyways that is not the point. The point is he passed on a yellow and there are rules in place for a reason knows what they are. To not get knocked any positions just taints the whole rule book. ... more »

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We have been carrying EKS Goggles for nearly 3 years now. At first I started as that damn Steve Matthes kept bugging me being Canadian and all then I met Rich and he seemed like a cool dude and I'd throw him a "Courtesy Order". Once I received the product ... more »

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Classic movie!!! 25th anniversary of the movie this year. I live in the town where it was filmed (Cochrane Alberta) and read in the local paper about it. They had a link to this site which is a must for all you fans.