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Wym, LBZ back in the game. Shit we all wore LBZ at our last GFL Contest in yuma a few months back, I still wear baggies, a long sleeve and rock cut fenders and grab holes at the track. Sad part is i still run faster than ⅔ of everyone

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Got a buddy with suspension off a 14yz450f (whole bike actually just a blown motor with bad cases) and is now riding a 16 kx450f, he's interested in taking the triple clamps and forks of of the yz and transferring them onto the kx. Is the steering stem ... more »

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Sent you a PM regarding the seat, subframe and triple clamps

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Too Broke to ride at a track

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Currently trying to figure out what to get. I have a 2006 yz250 running 32:1 ams oil dominator to 100 octane sunoco (on pump by my house). Stock reed cage with boyessen super stock reeds, used to have stock 06 pipe and silencer until I split the head ... more »

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1. Riding is the one thing that truly shuts my brain off so I don't think anything usually 2. Besides that, damn this jump is big 3. Holy fuck the landing just disappeared 4. This shit is gonna hurt 5. I wonder if QT is still serving breakfast pizza ... more »

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Hey guys, currently rebuilding my 06 yz 250 and thinking about getting another bike down the road. Buddy has an 03 yz 250 I got him to buy and really liked how it felt. Im interested in getting an 02-04 yz and eventually switching the forks and shock. ... more »

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Well, couldn't get the axle loose so we said screw it and took an angle grinder to it. The steel sleeves on the cases, the swingarm itself and the aluminum frame were not touched and are okay. Started with a 4 ½ wheel on a ⅞" arbor grinder and would ... more »

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Thanks for the help guys. Gonna try getting some kroil and commence spraying on and off for about a day and try pounding it. Worst case scenario I have a buddy that works at MetzFab and ill either get it pushed out on their hydraulic press or milled ... more »

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Freerider Special
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My Yz 250 just did the same thing. Intake side skirt shattered and totally destroyed the skirt on my cylinder. I have been told since it is because of the hole on the intake side of the piston that can cause excessive wear when ran too lean. Gonna change ... more »

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beg to differ sir, as I used fatbars for a long time (and currently have a set waiting to be put on), I have Rc bend twin walls on my YZ now and they have not bent for anything. Between the occasional toss into the ground, and might I add a recent cartwheeling ... more »

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Im already spending a ton on a full motor rebuild so the added price of getting new bearings pressed in/new pivot axle isn't that big of a deal. Just need the existing bolt out of the frame and gone

Started new thread Insanely Stuck Swingarm Bolt 12/26/2018 8:45 PM

After totally grenading my 06 YZ 250 motor, I was going to pull the swingarm bolt out thinking I was just going to get a fresh motor and all would be great. Well, after soaking the pivot bolt for two days in wd40 and occasionally hitting on it, I took ... more »

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Probably a dumb question, but running a completely stock 06 yz250 motor. Going to probably get a works/platinum pipe w an r304 and force 3 reeds. Do i need to reset it massively or just adjust the clip positions? I ride around phoenix area which is anywhere ... more »

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Maybe he'll make a bump start video for it

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Was riding the 125 at ACP and noticed radiator level went down as time went on. Thought it was just a bad radiator cap but proceeded to run it the next day in the desert bringing extra coolant. Terrible ride, really went down and had to lug the bike ... more »

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Well it did help somewhat, I mean in the end I'm just going to have to switch it to something way better and more reliable. My buddies got an 03 CR 250 with a PWK airstriker and says it's the only way he'll go, so I'll just keep looking around at what's ... more »