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You should have enough meat there to use the "Keensert" as mentioned above from McMaster Carr. I have used both for this application, helicoil and keensert as well as welding them up and re-tapping. Either will work for you. Good Luck

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Honestly to be safe you need to pull the top end down and measure the cylinder bore to make sure you have one bored to 100. Then based on that you can order the correct size piston for your bike. Piston to cylinder clearance is critical in making these ... more »

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Good rule of thumb is to check every 25hrs, it is cheap insurance. As stated above I have seen some that didn't move for 50 hours but have also seen some that need adjusted every 20 hrs. Keep the valve train shimmed is crucial for valve life along with ... more »

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I don't even use glue, I use safety wire only. I do use brake parts cleaner when installing them, as soon as it evaporates it makes the inside of the grips a little grippy and I think that helps. I run Mika and Pro Taper grips.

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Keensert over helicoil for cylinder or head. You can put a keensert in and never have to worry about it.

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Most of the mechanics aren't given incentive to do quicker, the shop looses money. They are going to charge you what the OEM gives in time required to complete. Where the incentive comes into play is number of hours charged and how many come backs the ... more »

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I agree there is too much money spent at the amateur level that really handicaps alot of these teams, KTM, HUSKY etc. I am okay with them providing some support but full factory rides at the big races is overkill. I will say this one of the elite amateurs ... more »

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Been there and done that. Mine was almost identical, nice S shape in your arm. Best part was getting out of the cast from the 1st time and 10 days later breaking same arm about 1/4" above the first break.

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Check out Fast Farms in Altamont, TN. Probably 3 hrs away. Tumbling Creek MX is about 30 mins from LL's but not a very big MX track.

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Will be at LL’s tomorrow and we shall see?

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Do I think SX will happen? Yes, will it be different? Absolutely. The thing to remember about our sport is that it is non contact, unless it's with the ground

. Football is a contact sport where athletes are in close contact swapping sweat, ... more »
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None, you maybe able to use a bicycle but that is it.

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DC, as always we had a blast. I think the Apprentice program is awesome. I saw you walking two "young" media apprentices around over in Storyland eating your snowcone. As always can't wait until next year, wished LL's was a twice a year event. I know ... more »

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Check your trans gears, shift forks and shift shaft. Sounds like you are replacing everything else. As mentioned above, if you split it open replace it all (bearings, seals etc)

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I don't think there is anyone that can touch Haiden Deegan in Mini Sr 1 or 2. Ryder D, Drew Adams and Casey Cochran in 85's and Super Mini. Doesn't matter every year there is always someone that shows up with guns a blazing that wasn't suppose to. Can't ... more »

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Race Schedule for next week @ Lorettas

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Purchased mine today.

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Tennessee is awesome. Looks like we are in for a really good week for weather. Are you racing or spectating? I am coming up on Wednesday thru the weekend. Can't wait, LL's is always an awesome week.

Started new thread Loretta Lynn's 2020 7/28/2020 9:03 AM

Weather looks awesome for next week. I will be uploading some photos from the week here as well.

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I will say this, I am too big for a 250f, however I hate riding a 450f because to me I am not as smooth and comfortable on them. We ride woods mostly. I put a 290 kit in my WR and it is a beast with low and mid range torque, however it is dead on top ... more »