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Known issue on the Austrian outfitted WP bikes. I don't believe the OEM will do anything about it until it has at least 10 hrs on them. The dealers have to do the same if the bikes sit on the floor.

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Here is an engine I built and cerakoted for a restoration '89 CR125
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I question the bike running and then being 180 degrees out of time. The only way this could have happened is if you had a separate cam gear on the crank that spun on the crank shaft, meaning not a one piece crank. A bike will not start 180 degrees out ... more »

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I am going to say its the valve seals, but 48hrs is low for them to leak, but that is going to be my guess.

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What if I provide the $17K in cash to claim one of these said bikes and I don't compete in the class however I would offer $1K in cash to a rider in the class to claim the bike for me. I give the rider $18K in cash, he or she pays the $17K claims the ... more »

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Try this: 70 Pilot 155 Main 3rd Clip NYDF Needle

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Need to use a crank puller to insure the crank bearings are pressed against the crank correctly.

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Did you install the piston correctly with the arrow facing the exhaust port?

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Chuck_Below hit the nail on the head. Nitrogen provides stability. Using air the pressure can vary 5-10% during a extreme temperature change or really fast cycling of the shock or fork.

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Also you can get you some gold foil and wrap the bottom of your tank with it. It helps reflect the heat, you can get it from Motosport or RMATVMC.

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Here is a starting point, now this is sea level to 1000'. Main - 145 Pilot - 48 Needle - NRKC Clip - 2nd from top Air Screw - 1.5 out I would say for 5000' you may want to be closer to..... Main - 138 Pilot - 42 or 40

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The YZ65 is absolutely bullet proof, in stock form they do make less HP compared to their Austrian competitors but can be modified to be compete with a modified KTM/Husky/Gas Gas. It you are running the LTD class and making a run at LL's then the Austrian ... more »

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Order an "A" or "B"" Piston there is only 0.05mm difference between the pistons.

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3 years ago I carried my camper and we ended up in Lot 4, but in my opinion it was the best spot. Right by the bridge and the creek, easy access in and out. They did shut off camping last year on Monday I believe. It is a blast, if I hadn't sold my camper ... more »

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Yes that cylinder was originally aluminum with nikasil but someone had the cylinder sleeved with a steel sleeve. Yes you can counter bore that portion of the sleeve to accept the new style stud.

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For a true 112 you need to machine the cylinder head to accept the stroked crank.

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I agree with Moto520 as well, but the smoke upon start up is the valve seals. They are letting oil get by and sits on top of piston until you start up. Pull the head and change the seals.

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Take it to your closest Yamaha dealer they will do the warranty and can work with you on it. With the new EFI and ECU they can hook up and see run hours, you should be able to get it covered under warranty. Sounds like the TPS sensor to me. Have you ... more »

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Looks really good for that number of hours. The main thing I look at on the 4 strokes are the piston skirts for lubrication, cylinder bore shape and the top is normal carbon those look really really good for that many hours. Clean oil and maintenance ... more »

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I do. Look into the Goodson Tools 3D Fast cut system, this uses a pilot in the valve guide to center the cutting head. I use mine in my bridgeport mill. Basically setup is same as Serdi or Rottler just don't have the air float table that those machines ... more »