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I think the 450 will suit Savatgy and his riding style. He'll be battling for podiums in the coming years, but we have some heavy hitters in the 450 class. When you already have 5 guys(MM, ET, JA, JB, KRoc) that can win any given week, the field is deep!

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Ha! It makes me chuckle, trust me. It’s actually Zach Peddie and Manny Ornellas but I always call Zach by his last name, and Manny by his anytime I say them back to back...Manny, Peddie, I chuckle.

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Have you tried clicking the "desktop" link at the bottom of the page?

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Something about Southwick and photos. Add in Steve at the controls of the shutter and captions and it's Gold. Want to go Platinum? Read the captions in Steve's voice, even though he doesn't like to listen to his own voice. Do any of us like to hear our own voice? Heck no!! Nothing wrong with your voice...more

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I understand your frustration. We have been working on this problem for many months. We seem to be on a spammer "gray list" with various email providers. Some messages get through fine, while others are blocked completely (we're definitely sending them). ... more »

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Need another option on the poll.

"Would be better with shortened tv schedule and less downtime"

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Sorry this was overlooked. I tested it and experienced the same problem. I'll have our developers take a look at it.

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Guy B must have been standing right next to me for that Wilson/Tomac photo.

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I did 1500 miles in the chase vehicle doing most of the "direct follow" that had to be done 7pm to 7am and saw first hand the massive effort put in by the champs. These four guys earned my respect every mile and I will never forget what I saw.
The effort still needs us to buy...more

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A few things to try: Turn off any browser extensions and ad blockers, or try a different browser. I use Chrome and don't see the problems you described.

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Sorry about the hassle. We're aware of the problem and it's on our fix-it list. Hopefully it's no more than a few days. Brad