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Hey vitards, i have the tp199 knee guards and love them, they dont move fit great and saved my ass so many x. this weekend I lost the front end on a slick straight and cheese grated my left arm (AGAIN) i think its time i had elbow protection. I'm 5:11 ... more »

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use the D size, its just for adjusting clearance, A size cylinder with 40 hours on it can fit a d piston no problem. with any used cylinder D fits without issue. just always take time warming it up

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270 is 270, if you want simple and effective, go to RMATV and get a stock style replacement rotor for any 2016 yz450f and newer, there are lots of great rotor options for under 60$ tusk, ebc, jt, etc. they all sell cost effective front rotors that fit ... more »

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shoot me a txt buddy 4035970077

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the modern yzf has a very small footpeg to seat distance, get a tall seat foam, put the bars in the forward position with the bars rolled back a bit, HUGE difference. anyone over 5,9 needs a tall seat on the yamaha IMO im 5:11 and after 5 minutes on ... more »

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yz250f for sure, great power, super smooth and controlable, it can jump anything a 450 can but it never gets bent out of shape from having too much power. ive ridden a few of the 19+ yz250fs. i love them but im a 200lb inter rider and i love the power ... more »

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rear link, suspension revavle, remap the ecu and after that its OK. the clutch is garbage as well.

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shoot me a txt 4035970077

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i never would have in a million years thought todo colors like that, wow that looks amazing very different. cool build buddy

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that nitrate sprocket killssss me lol, i cant stand how much i want it for no other reason than its so over the top bad assery

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bad ass list so far, what are you doing for suspension?

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200 lbs, jessssusssss that would feel like a 125

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interested in the perch for sure, txt me 4035970077

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well my anodizing shop has done great work for years but they shit the bed and destroyed my fork tubes and shock body. they had 6 hours on them, seeking replacement parts for both upper tubes and the shock body ASAP 4035970077 (im in canada EH)

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the rear shocks all pretty much swap over, depending on the year and model there is some slightly different length from bike to bike. but they still bolt right in. for the forks you could run any fork and triple clamp from any honda up to 2016 crf with ... more »

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06-current yz250 forks slide right in, you will need different axle and spacer tho. 06-09 yzf forks and shocks fit. the newer yzfs have 54mm top clamp and 60mm lower

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show me a pic of the forks in the top triple clamp

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love this, i took a double take when i saw the flossy bumz sticker, had cody and morgans bikes both here in my shop for engines and suspension work. how you know the crew?

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turn down stock hubs an cerakote, dual injector setup, slater skins airbox cover twin air powerflow kit (or no toil superflo kit) stock spokes, takasagos gytr head and cams carillo rod suspesnion id consider coating the stock stuff and having it setup ... more »

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those bikes were the gold standard of ass kicking for many years. I want to build an 07-08 i regret selling mine,