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air snuck in from the top, oil on pads. etc. pull cap, push pistons all the way into caliper if any air slipped in at the top itll push it back out. i use a brake bleeder check valve like this ... more »

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stage 1 is lowend offroad cam if you dont like to rev and like to short shift its a good cam, id run stock cam for now upgrade later to 08 cam or hot cams stage 2 if you want more mid/top, kibblewhite is great but i find over priced, just get the vavle ... more »

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right on, when these bikes are done right htey are amazing! wiseco cranks are garbage, get a pro x rod and have it rebuilt, oconnor does great work but im siure you can find a local shop to press and true a crankshaft i dont think mailing it around the ... more »

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love these bikes, built alot of them dont waste your time on stock vavles pro x stainless steel intake and exhaust, you can lap them in no need to cut vavle seats. 2008 cam is very good 2005 carb (with mods will be zero bog and snappy) single pipe makes ... more »

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this is pretty cool actually thank yuou

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get the gytr tall seat from your local yamaha, great for you big guys

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hell yes!

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keep it coming man, ive built a few full restomod older yzfs for myself and customers. love these old yzfs 06 yz250f 06 yz450f

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everyone finds a way to live with the aer but no one loves it. all the bikes ive tried with them i felt the same way. for how much you pay they shouldnt need as much as they do but thats just IMO if i bought one id need rear spring revavle shock bladder ... more »

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i really only need the rotor and im in canada but if youre willing to wheel and deal a bit im interested in the rotor or whole kit

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yes they bolt right on only caliper bracket is different thats it

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there is a bit of holding power tobe gaind by adding a fullsize friction when you pull the judder, can also just pull the judder and put oem clutch back in as is and try it. ive pulled judders out of so many bikes and left the small friction disc without ... more »

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03-2020 yz250 wheels are interchangeable.

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shoot me an email for those spokes if you still have them

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im drooling

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lookin good keep it coming

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my 05 rm250 motor he did about 10 years ago was insane. i talked to him a few months ago about a yz250 motor build but i guess someting is going on with him i never had an issue with him before.

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type 3 hard ano, use it on personal and customers bikes all the time, most recently was black on a new ktm swinger, and a 18 kx450 both turned out great

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id also suggest softer springs, those bikes are sprung for 200lb riders, it will make you ride high in the stroke and cornering will suffer badly