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I really wanted an express or eco online but need the legal passenger seats for my kid. I just couldn’t get over ducking every time I loaded a bike in. I prefer the passenger models too for the air and the fact they are a lot quieter. I have a transit ... more »

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All these sx only deals aren’t looking too good for the great outdoors. Most of these guys opting for it are at the tail ends of their careers and are past champions but it doesn’t set a very good precedent for the younger generation if that’s an option ... more »

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This whole thread is great but hurts at the same time. I’m 32 and my bike that I bought new two years ago only has 34 hrs on it. It’s a shame but I don’t have the time to ride as much but I refuse to sell it because I feel like I won’t have the connection ... more »

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If you do rebuild that CR I’ll be the first to vote no to a restyle kit!

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I also ride mx to train for enduro. My issue is accessibility to trail, really the only time I can get into the woods is during races. Half the time I try to compete for position and half the time I just pay the $40 race fee to get a 2hr trail ride in. ... more »

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Are the replays still not up on the app? I can’t find them on the website either

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I agree, but would paying for a warranty like you would a car be beneficial? Or like the example I posted above, some sort of no fault clause where if something breaks or there is an issue you aren’t on the hook for paying full retail for the parts to ... more »

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Yea I just used wheels as an example because most bike manufacturers warranty’s offer some sort of no fault clause. Where if you bend/dent or break it during a crash you pay a percentage to have it replaced. As an example if I crashed my bicycle and ... more »

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I ride my tpi at a local mx track this weekend, it’s got 34 hrs on it and i get around a track pretty well and don’t lug or idle the bike long. When I was loading it, I notice a nice long line of oil a little bigger than that from the exhaust. I do have ... more »

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Wish dirtbike companies offered warranties on bikes like mountain bike companies do. High end mt bike frames usually carry a 5 yr to lifetime warranty as well as some things like wheels and some suspension components. Many bicycle parts are equal or ... more »

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This is probably a stupid question but I don’t know anything about electric. Will one of the Honda 2000 small quiet generators charge one of these bikes?

Added reply in a thread Pit Bits from Hangtown...I Shot Too Much...Again... 6/7/2022 4:37 PM

Definitely my favorite feature that you guys do. So awesome seeing all the cool tech that these teams are able to make…and hide. Also great eye ML just goes to show how talented you are to be able to shoot and also be tech savvy enough to spot these ... more »

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Haha yea Brady retired, realized he wasn’t ready to stay at home and is coming back for more. There are a lot of similarities between the two. Brady was overshadowed by a lot of guys who were flashier and more popular but he kept gathering Super Bowl ... more »

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The interview that ML did on the homepage is really good with dungey. He wants to get back to the pace that the front runners are running and he’s getting his feet back under him. He’s got more in the tank which, as he gets stronger and farther along ... more »

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I was thinking the same thing after I started using muc off. It definitely makes the bike look slicker or shinier somehow. Not sure what’s in it but I’ve noticed it. The biggest test of all for ktms is the hubs. They will start to dull before anything ... more »

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I moved from there in 2016 but have some good friends down there still. There’s a small track in corpus that’s called Double D. Good group of guys out there and it gets the job done when you don’t want to drive to San Antonio or Houston.

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The funny thing is that even in his prime championship winning days, dungey never “looked” fast. He has always been fast though. Look at Barcia, he always looks like he’s flying but ends up not being the fastest. I’d say in that video you wouldn’t be ... more »

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I think people are underestimating dungey. The guy is 32? He hasn’t had any major injuries in his career and is still in great shape from the looks of it. He’s also smart and not someone who seems to come out as a novelty I don’t think he would do this ... more »

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I know it’s a little more expensive but I have really come to like muc off. I swear it give the bike an extra bright and shiny finish. I also use it on my mtn bike. Can order the concentrated mix or the powder packets and make 4 liters of it. Just like ... more »

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It’s from a company called Bolt it On. Little pricey but worth every cent for me. Literally can be installed and removed in less than 30 seconds and no drilling or hardware to be installed. I have three bike chicks but you can customize it and move the

... more »