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Any more details on that bike or is it on CL? I’m in the area and don’t need it but want it. Diggers bikes are better than new Edit: found it on CL

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I believe I’ve heard that it helps free up the rear wheel if that makes sense. The integrated axle and block on the stock Ktm can bind up and the floating axle blocks help with that. That’s what I’ve heard and it makes sense when you think about it. ... more »

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Replace both. The shiny look on them probably means they are dry, slick and hardened. I’m weird and love the the look of fresh tires on my bike so I always vote new rubber.

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Excellent nice job looks great

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I would try and ride one but they are awesome bikes. I’ve had 250f’s, 250 2ts, and a ‘17 350. The 350 was by far the fastest, people say you need to rev them but you really don’t as much as a 250f. The 350 still has 54hp. Yes you can rev it to the moon ... more »

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If you go on the pro circuit website they have jetting recommendations for almost all two strokes. I’m pretty sure they use California and sea level as their base but you could start there and lean it out for your elevation. If you can somehow get your ... more »

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It may not be cool looking but my wife has a really cool LL Bean small hiking hip/fanny pack that fits my phone and multi tool in it. It’s secure enough for moto and mtn biking and I don’t even notice it’s there. There are better mtn biking hip packs ... more »

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I wasn’t in love with mine on my 2014 250sx but I did buy the carb 5 years ago and they seemed to be just coming back into popularity back then. My carb was the first batch with the spacer for the float bowl because they were leaking a bit on some models. ... more »

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Same there here on my Ktm. I was constantly adjusting the lectron. It idled and started amazing but never ran as I thought it should, took all the hit out of the bike and it just felt slow and kind of gutless. I went to a jd kit to try and the thing ... more »

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We have stayed at KOA campground. Clean showers, nice and quiet with nice people there and we parked our trailer right outside our camp spot. A lot of koa have little cabins for like $100 a night and are usually near tracks.

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I don’t think lectrons “self adjust”. I had on on my 2014 Ktm and you still have to make manual adjustments, they are just a bit easier than a standard carb and you don’t need to swap jets.

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Cool that’s good to hear. I usually only put about 1.5 hrs of ride time on my bike per ride day and each ride day could be spread out by 2-3 weeks or more so if I could just leave it it the bike for that long that works for me

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Trying not to get off topic but do you guys who use notoil change your filter every ride/wash? I just came back to notoil after about 5 yrs of FFT and seem to remember that notoil felt like it “dried out” after a week or so of sitting in the bike. This ... more »

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I was there a few months ago and they wanted around $8200 for a 2018 and around $8500 for a 2019.

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Brings back memories that was my first bike! Awesome

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How much are these realistically worth? I have access to one

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Sorry didn’t mean delete the thread I just deleted my post! I actually had that same Jeep in 2009 and i loved it, if I still lived in Texas I would seriously be coming to look at it. Glws but I voted to keep it and buy a cheaper van or something I regret ... more »

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Bump. Taking up space in the basement!

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Small track in mass that’s practice only I think. Moto is strong in New England there was also a race at wareham mx that had a good turnout but it was a woods o cross with 1 hr Motos. Either way people are riding so that’s good! I’d rather practice day

... more »