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thanks! I tried searching a couple of time and nothing came up for exhausts being out of stock. Go figure....

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Seems like everyone is completely sold out of two stroke pipes and silencers. Ive been keeping an eye on FMF, pro circuit, bills pipes and for months now they show sold out across the board. When I check Rockymountain, Chaparral, Motosport, all the bigger ... more »

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80/100 is best in my experience for moto, especially at low speeds on a 'technical' track where there are deeper, longer ruts and multiple lines choices. These are best suited for quicker turn in and tracking. 90/90 is best for a grand prix style track ... more »

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Ryno is out there for sure but its because he has adapted what he has learned and molded it to fit him for his own life. Thats why it seem so strange to so many in the moto community where he is the most well known. Most men in the moto life are in the ... more »

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Its obvious most of you havent been kicked squarely in the balls by life when you're sure you've got it all figured out. Wait until your in your 40's or 50's, you end up divorced, with child support, alimony, and lost everything and have to start all ... more »

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The industry its self is to blame. Between the AMA/FIM BS associated with racing, the epic failures to capitalize on garnering greater exposure for the sport in a meaningful way, the rising costs of the sport, and lack of riding area's, we're on a downward ... more »

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Hills for everyone isnt one of the worst enviro groups out there. There's a lot of work they do which *shock!* I actually agree with as a resident of that area. Im not ok with them being against the prado raceway as their reasons for being against it ... more »

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If yamaha just put an electric start on their 250x that alone would take a huge chunk out of the KTM/husky/beta/TM/gas gas 300 market. Now if yamaha made an electric start YZ250X, with an optional 300 kit (dealer installed option) it would be a game ... more »

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Its SUPPOSED to be live on USA network. Its not live, going to be shown at 10:30pm pacific time? My nbc gold pass and are both down?!! THIS IS SOME BULLSH!T!!

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I realize the dealerships need to turn a profit. Im fine with that. However some of the dealerships in socal are outrageous. Berts mega mall is notorious for the highest markups. Chaparral is almost as bad. A new YZ450FX at berts is over $12K out the ... more »

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Since I generally avoid the james stewarts threads like the plague, I might be the only guy who DIDNT hear James hit his head practicing on the new hondas a while ago. Knew had the honda's, knew he was riding, thought it all came to a halt since no team ... more »

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Its amazing how many 'experts' on vital have negative things to say about the yamaha's. No they do not turn the best. However when has any yamaha turned the best? Suzuki/Honda have always turned and handled the best for SX/MX. Yamaha's turn well enough. ... more »

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This is a very good article on the history and development of the four stroke in the modern era: However what that article doesn't address is the yamaha side of things. In the ... more »

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its cool to showcase and feature the ladies who are involved in the sport and aren't the typical flat billing 951 bro hoes that are traditionally the majority of females into the sport. It helps encourage everyones sisters, mothers, aunt's to be involved ... more »

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Toy Haulers at their BEST are a major pain in the ass. At their WORST, they are an absolute hellish nightmare. I cannot stress that enough. Buying brand new you're going to take a massive depreciation hit. As has been said in here A LOT of the brand ... more »

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Im a 15 year IBEW inside wireman. Started my apprenticeship when I was 19. Turned out and was foreman by 25 making six figures. Ive been able to climb the ladder and I have never made under 100k in the last 10 years. Ive read through a lot of the stuff ... more »

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In 2013 I was racing my '95 CR250 in a vintage motocross and leading. I felt amazing that day, just on it. Everything working right. 3rd gear hard on the gas and as I went off the lip of the biggest double on the track the bike seized. Crank locked on ... more »

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interested in the swingarm and subframe. Are these still for sale?

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Never had suzuki before but the last few years Ive heard nothing but good things about just how good a RM250 is. After searching for the last year and a half and being VERY patient I finally found this. 2008 RM250 purchased from original owner, and only

... more »