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2019 Honda CRF250RX
Vital Review
Overall Review
For 2019 Honda has been on a roll with launching new models. Including the CRF450RWE, CRF450X, and CRF450L, the CRF250RX is the fourth, all new model from Big Red. The “X” at the end denotes this machine as “cross country” focused motorcycle. This is everything from GNCCs to WORCS to GPs to Sprint Enduros. In Honda’s CRF line, they have kept the CRF250X, which is a green sticker trail bike with lights, and not many updates in the last few decades. The RX has been developed to bridge the gap from 250X to 250R. The CRF250RX is a direct descendant of the 2019 CRF250R. So all the changes the R...
Posted by Klinger on 12/14/2018 9:02am