Travis Pastrana's Team Puerto Rico Suzuki RM250 11

You know you want to ride it. A Frankenbike with a works motor and modern suspension. Oh yeah, that would be nice.

Travis Pastrana's Team Puerto Rico Suzuki RM250

Team Puerto Rico. Some people think it's a joke and making light of a serious, sacred motocross race that is as close to the Olympics as dirt bike racing gets. Others think it is super cool to see Kevin Windham, Travis Pastrana, and Ryan Sipes not take themselves too seriously, have a good time, give the fans a show and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Plus Ricky Johnson as team manager is awesome. We don't care which way you fall on the issue because we can all agree that two-stroke motocross machines are sweet. 

Our source on the scene, GuyB, snapped a few photos of the final iteration of the Suzuki RM250 that Travis Pastrana will be racing this weekend. No doubt you've seen on social media that TP199 has been going back and forth on riding a 250 two-stroke or a 450. He has both at Red Bud this weekend but the RM-Z450 is just for show. He has committed to the smoker, as Travis is a self admitted "two-stroke guy."

GuyB grabbed a few minutes of James Coy's time, who has wrenched for Suzuki and Travis in the past, and is at the Motocross of Nations to keep the bike running like new. We didn't get deep into the bike details but here are the things that we do know. 

  • Started its life as a 2006 Suzuki RM250 Ricky Carmichael Limited Edition and wasn't ridden until recently
  • Bought from a dealer in 2010
  • Frame is from that 2006 bike
  • Works motor from a 2005 RM250
  • Various parts from a 2004 RM250
  • 2018 forks and front wheel
  • Rear wheel is also from a 2004 RM250
  • And it is rounded out with as many old Suzuki parts, pieces and bolts as Jame Coy could find. 
Will Pastrana and his RM make it into the final races? We sure hope so because it will be rad to see this two-stroke hodgepodge screaming down the track. Good Luck TP199, and may the premix gods be with you. 

We hope he is just stretching.