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Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Mitchell Falk joins the club as #Arenacrash strikes again...

Michael's Take: How it ended.

Michael's Take: And fellow KTM amateur Max Markolf joined him...

Michael's Take: Cash me outside, how bout dah...

Michael's Take: It's been a rough week if you're on a KTM, geez!

Michael's Take: Some American muscle for everyone's favorite Russian motocross rider.

Michael's Take: HA! Read the caption.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: You all know my love of B&W photography, so here's a couple to ponder at. Congrats to Ryan Dungey on his rebound to the top of the box in ATL.

Scottie's Take: Stoked that Cooper will be back so soon, good luck in Toronto.

Scottie's Take: This is the hand Jeffrey Herlings raced with in Qatar...gnarly!

Scottie's Take: I don't think Adam needed a meal after this sandblasting.

Scottie's Take: He's a little young to be double fisting Red Bulls,

Scottie's Take: How many titles in one photo?

Scottie's Take: Drool. See you next week!

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