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Thought this was pretty funny:

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Equally as stupid. Funny how there are retards on both sides of the political spectrum.

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Surely a tactless move on Griffin's part. Kinda like when Ted Nugent made death threats onstage against Obama and Hillary in 2007, huh?

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So true. The media is giving the culprits exactly what they want.

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KTM. Better bike, more updated, and you're giving money to a company that actually puts R&D into 2 strokes.

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I think it's their color rush uniform (that teams would wear last season for Thursday night games). Pretty much every team had some terrible looking color combos for those. Seattle's you could see from outer space.

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The very fact that we're discussing this, year after year, just goes to show how fucking dumb the concept of an asterisk is (as it pertains to Dungey).

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Roczen has never even won more races than Dungey in a Supercross season, much less beaten him in an SX championship. Perfect season- getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?

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If you watch both series, you know there's no logical way that you can come to that conclusion (primarily because that term is mental diarrhea to begin with and secondarily neither has raced a full season in each other's series after acclimation).

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Simple- we just learn from the (well documented) mistakes of the VA model and don't repeat them. As with anything in life. Try to better your government, don't say "fuck it" and give up on it. The very fact that single payer systems work well in other

... more »
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You have very poor reading comprehension, or are very good at inserting political stances where there is none to avoid having a mature and informed conversation about the issue. No-where did I say that we should take guns from law-abiding and mentally ... more »

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To your first point– that's a fancy anecdote you have there, wholly unsubstantiated by any kind of scientific consensus! To your second point, they're the only game in town. They salvage some sort of profit by being the only offered insurance for those ... more »

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Bingo. Anyone who thinks all private sellers wholly abide by FFL transfers (even this only applies to relatively recent purchases from licensed dealers) are fooling themselves. If fact, most people who have been gun owners over time know this is not ... more »

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No, that's the side-effect of living in a state with a population of roughly 700,000 with no notable density to speak of (anywhere), sparse doctors, sparse NP's, and sparse hospitals. It's capitalism, if anything. This is not me implying the ACA is perfect. ... more »

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There's certainly some stupid things stated by the anti-gun lobbies, but at the same time they don't have a fraction of a percent of the influence that gun lobbies do. I'm extremely aware of the legal process to buy firearms in the United States, as ... more »