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Bill,Build looks killer, hope to see you down Fly in the spring .!

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Definatly give Forrest at Wheeling Cycle Supply a call ,if Zeta makes Wheeling Cycle Supply has them in stock..

Added a comment about feature Vital MX 12 Days of MXmas: Day 2 12/4/2014 8:38 AM

Fly racing makes some of the best gear in the business and supports local racers with Fly Bucks in many areas .
Check out the gear at your local dealer as well as all of WPS branded products. quality and price can't be beat

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Started new thread 1990 CR125 , Need Suspension Help. 2/17/2013 4:07 PM

I need to try to update the suspension on my restored 1990 Cr125, to something alittle more modern. Does anyone know if I can use a set of forks and triple clamps up to 1997 to replace my stock pogo sticks ? Thank you in advance .

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SMR Scott, I miss the old SMR mag big time , you put out a very high quality publication.

Added reply in a thread Anyone want to know how the TM 300 ran? 3/26/2012 8:31 AM

Get well, Bones heel and the bummerness fades but you still have a badass bike to look foward to . Hope you heal up soon.

Added reply in a thread poll question 2 stroke 3/26/2012 8:26 AM


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I had an 02, out of all the mods I think the V-Force reed cage was the best bang for the buck, Made the motor feel alot more like the 93 to 2001 motor . Killer bike. Thanks for sharing.

Added reply in a thread How much do Mechanics and Crew make? 2/27/2012 5:14 PM

not enough

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The top guns of motocross armed forces salute shown a few posts back is an all time favorite. The Fox 30th aniversy history posters are badass, sorry no pic. Somehere I also have a 8 foot yamaha 50th anniversy banner with speedy reedy and the rest of ... more »

Added reply in a thread Happy #chadreedday ! 2/22/2012 10:05 AM

Get well soon Chad, happy Chad Reed Day!

Added reply in a thread anyone know what company this is? 2/16/2012 5:01 PM

Pr2 , xedine radiators possibly

Added reply in a thread RMZ450 - Big Bore Manufacturers? 2/13/2012 10:44 AM

I believe as long as you have the correct bore size you may be able to get a wiseco piston ordered from any dealer dealing with Parts Unavailable or Tucker Rockey . I the wiseco part # 4870m09800 . Je and CP make pistons as well. I would order a new ... more »

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After breaking my femur one year and back the next , ultimately having a morphine pump implanted , I am now old fat and slow. I never had the best stamina and now definatley have lack of balls nowadays. I am just happy to be able to still ride and race ... more »

Added a comment about feature JT Racing Giveaway 2/11/2012 12:58 PM

First and foremost a superpumped thank you to JT Racing and Vital MX for this bitchn oppertunity to score some killer threads. From the early days of seeing Jt gear on BMX and Freestlyers when I was just a kid to drooling over The Doggers Dalmation print gear as I got into moto JT was the too -hip bad boy gear of all time. I was lucky enough to rock a set of RJ Cyborg gear and a JT half chest protecor during my early 125 days I felt like a badass riding a Honda and have the same gear as Johnson. Hell I even had my senoir pictures taken in JT gear. It made for a kiiler yearbook pic. Lack of funds had taken me away from the seen for a few years, when I was finally old enough to buy my own scoot I picked up a 93 Cr250 and lucky enough to get a set of the most stylish and comfortible gear I have ever wore the JT Power pants and Concept Jeresy and Gloves. I belive Matthies boy Red Dog Tim Ferry and Pichoen were JT riders at the time. I had orderd my jeresy letterd with Cline 37 I was shipped a Jersey that was ment for Kevin Crine (rest in peace) I was so happy to have JT gear instead of shipping it back I was now Jeremy Crine instead of Cline for the year. My friends still poke fun of me for that. JT gloves were so comfotible Larry Ward who was an Xtreme rider would remove to logos off of JT gloves for that year. To me JT Racing was the cutting edge of cool , Fox would not be where they are now if not for coping JT's style. I would be stoked to wear todays JT gear with pride. I my be old fat and slow but still want to look like a factory rider. JT is motocross past, present , and future. In closing please pick me after saving money to get my suspenion rebiult I to broke to buy any extra gear !! As with the post above when can we get the Black and Flo Orange and the Black and White gear it looks sinister!!! JOHNNY O'HANNA 4 PRESIDENT

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Cool Alburn, I had a Haro FSX and GT Performer . Good times first real dirtbike was a 88 CR80 killer $300 scoot. only bike I ever made money on selling . cool tread in the imortal words from the movie Rad " No Guts No Glory"

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Thanks for the invite MANX will get a team setup tonight. Do you think the new A-framed Ducati will get Rossi winning again or do you think it will be another year of him and Haydan battling with setup issuses ?

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I belive the new pro -curcuit head pipes have fmf like power bomb , very trick ride

Added reply in a thread Which one of the 12 days... 12/24/2011 8:07 PM

All are very cool, A big Thank you to Vital Mx and all of the sponsers who donated. Support those who support the sport!

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please ,please a shoei and pro circuit christmas for me.Thanks Vital Mx and all companies donating goods and supporting the sport!

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