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Looks the same? What are you doing with this?
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My gear bag is a little older.

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Like that visor. Had a pair of the denims, lasted forever. Then Lancer leathers.

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Anybody remember these?

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It is tough to kick with the left hand lever with awkward angle, plus the bike height. Milk crate helps when cold. Got to get the piston in just the right spot to start your kick.

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I think you are right on detonation issue as the reason for deck height increase. Air cooled 14:1 compression ratio on extended full throttle run, recipe for detonation. KTM lowered the compression in later years.

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barnett468, don't see the speed record story on your link, but found it at below. I don't know how to link. They changed gearing, leaned everything out and even ... more »

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Cameron WV. Between Wheeling WV and Waynesburg PA. I have only seen a couple others back in the day.

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1978. Went to Bond Hardware & Marine and gave them $1500. Took it home without setup or starting.

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Thanks for the comments. Disc brakes came a couple tears later and I'm sure fork seals will need changed after 38 years. Bought this new in 1981 from Dirty Harrys in Pittsburgh. Actually went to Lorain OH to pick up at KTM. Everything is original except ... more »

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Got my 1981 KTM 495 out of barn over weekend. Wiped dust off and got fired up. How much fork oil do theses take?

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