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How’s everybody feel about the 350’s off-road? I ride tight, nasty, rocky stuff. I think the 300’s are the best motor ever produced. I’m just getting the itch to get my first four stroke. In the little bit of time I’ve put on them, I’ve never got along ... more »

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Are you using the steel or aluminum frame?

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ha, I must not have anything deep locked up inside me. I’ve never had these spiritual trips. I watch trippy light shows and melt lol

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I’ve got a set of tech 7’s in 11. They’re the mostly white and black with some hi-viz yellow. They’re in good shape. If they’re for your kid, I’d sell them cheap. Text me at 816-277-7702 if you’re interested

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I hit all those boxes except the plus 40. I think they’re plenty rad, I just don’t think I have a place for one. Honestly, I’m really hoping you guys are able to swing me the other way. I always need more toys haha. But for me, if I’m trying to ride ... more »

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Ive got an 04 YZ125 I’d let go cheap. Good candidate for a project bike. I’m in the middle of the US, so you’d have to ship it.

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I mean, I’m not trying to jump in to dictate what a used bike is worth but...... dealership, gramps, and you. I think you pretty clearly outlined exactly how it’s a 3rd hand bike.

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Help me out here, I don’t quite get the E-bike thing. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re rad. But, I’ve got road bikes. I’ve got a dirt jumper. I’ve got a cross country mountain bike. I’ve got an enduro mountain bike. And I’ve got my 3 dirt bikes. What ... more »

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I can’t stand the hive mentality the internet breeds. Everyone’s quick to talk shit behind the security of a keyboard. You hear a lot more bashing than you do positive feedback. However, I ain’t mad about this guy sharing his experience. He’s not talking ... more »

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Righteous. Thanks for the insight.

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No shit? I had no idea tattoos would have an impact. Should I expect the same interference with a traditional chest strap hr monitor? Getting ready to start a full abdomen piece. Lemme know if I need to leave a blank spot for my monitor haha

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What are you looking to sell it for?

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Shut the fuck up! All this time seeing you post about your son, I had no idea! I’m a huge fan. He’s a blast to watch ride and seems like a really genuinely good dude. That video he posted last year when he got the Red Bull deal was very, very cool.

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Cole’s always seemed like a very chill dude. This move doesn’t seem to go along with that persona. Ain’t mad at the dude for switching brands, but the “fuck it, tell-all” route makes him seem wildly childish. Honda was plenty good to him. They (by his ... more »

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What are they set up for? Hours on them? Last service?

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Go figure, I finally pull the trigger and make the switch to sidi. Buy 3 pairs of crossfire 3’s and they immediately launch an updated model

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I hated those bikes, but yours looks killer!

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Thanks for posting that 7I3N, that was very cool. Off-road is just such a different atmosphere than sx/mx. Very cool to see these guys so cool with each other at the finish. I’ve always been a fan of Ricky, and I’ve become a huge fan of Skyler in the ... more »

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Buy the Bulletproof unit. Be done with it. Someone else has already solved your problem. They’ve had it on the market for 15 years.