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No shit........I ride off road, so maybe I’m just putting way higher hours on them than you moto guys. But, damn! 40 to 50 hours and I’m barely getting a feel for a freshie

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As far as calls to the FIM, what are they supposed to do? The whole deal sucks, but I can’t see how any blame could be pointed anywhere except the Portugese government. And even then, they’re making a move they believe will help protect people.

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You’re the man! I really appreciate the help. I was finally able to get ahold of them. They were having phone system issues. They are in fact between the pizza shop and souvlaki place. And the delay has just been back order. So, all in all, totally innocent. ... more »

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Everybody keeps hammering on what they do being illegal. Are you honestly that concerned with people breaking traffic laws? What about Raha’s Real Moto segment? Justin Mulford’s new clip? Shift’s ad in the city streets? Hill at a skatepark? Any of the ... more »

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I’d like to see some statistics on innocent bystanders getting wiped out by these hooligans. Yes, they’re breaking the law. They’re riding unlicensed, off road vehicles on a public street. How nefarious.

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There’s a group of them in my city. I think they’re fuckin douchebags. I go ride in colorado, the hikers think I’m a douchebag threat to the environment. Cool thing is, I don’t much give a shit what they think of me. I would tend to guess the wheelie ... more »

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The wheelie boy thing doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. Cool thing is, it doesn’t have to. FMX, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding have all been looked at as low life scum of the sports they were born from. This is no different. I, for one, ... more »

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I don’t know what is even happening here but that is fucking GNARLY!!!

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That’s the only kind of tea worth drinking

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I didn’t even think about uber. I tried to pay someone at the pizza shop next door and the souvlaki place next door. There was a bit of a language barrier on both occasions.

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Specifically Bayville. I ordered some door stops from a company’s website last week and now I can’t get ahold of them. I spoke with them on the phone last Thursday, but now it goes straight to a pre recorded message stating all agents are busy, try e-mail. ... more »

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Which model are these? Crossfire 3’s? And what’s the European size? Thanks

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Boy howdy do I have a deal for you. It falls in to that project bike category, but she’s cheap

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Racer X, MXA, and Dirtbike all headed this way for the girls. Thanks for the help guys.

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Which publications still offer a print subscription? My kids are reading a lot now and they need some moto mags to drool over like we all did as kids.

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You can put the current generation of husky on that list for me. Which is a shame because I love the bikes.

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How long do we have to wait for a redesign on the husky plastic??? I don’t want to have to go buy a red one, but good lord the current white one is hideous

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It ain’t got nothin to do with him not being a top 10 guy. And everything to do with a decade long pattern of some serious bonehead moves.

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Their website only shows in stock items. Has it always been that way? It’s annoying not being able to see their full line of gear, whether it’s available for order or not.

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They’re not the same thing by a long shot. What I found with my daughters was, the STACYC is so much more accessible. Don’t have to get all geared up, don’t have to go somewhere to ride. It’s light, silent, and not hot in the summer. It still gives them ... more »