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Here's a pic
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menu CL > for sale MX LAP TIMER - $60 (Wrenshall MN.) condition: new DRC MX Interval and lap timer SP1-286 Mounts in place of your bar pad, incudes new blue fat bar pad, wiring, switch and instructions. Keeps track of your lap times up to 50 laps ... more »

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I have used a scotts since 06 on every MX bike I've owned including my current 2013 FE350. it takes time to adjust for each application so the steering does not feel heavy but it works great in all conditions especially fast rough downhills like millville ... more »

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I can't find anything about if or when the races will be shown, anyone know? Thanks!

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Finally a post that is worthy of my long awaited

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Thanks bud, I will try to follow up on this deal from time to time to let others know how it went.

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Well tomorrow at 5:30AM CST I'm getting my knee replaced! After hearing how good its working for some of you I decided to go for it. See ya on the track in the

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Ha! That would cost even more! I have talked about the cartilage replacement and so far I have been told its kind of experimental and did not get any kind of support but it sounds good if it could be done under ins. Thanks

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That's encouraging! My second opinion doctor said it would not be as stable and never feel quite right plus would wear quickly but I plan to get a "sports knee" called a Zimmer High Flex Knee. Its good to hear that some one is actually racing with it.

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Have any of you that race MX had a total knee replacement and returned to race competitively again? I have a knee replacement scheduled for November but after getting a second opinion from another surgeon saying that its not such a good idea for me because ... more »

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Exactly, its interesting that there has been little talk of how RV's championships were huge *. I guess its a tribute to RD's fans that are basically nice guys just like RD is! To bad that RD is a good guy so that makes him a bad guy to be a good

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My dish tv schedule says that on NBC sports that there is Indy 500 practice and the NBC network says nothing at all about MX. Anyone else try to set their DVR and can't find it?

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Yep Grantsburg Wi, its a MN d-23 track. Its a full beach sand track and tough as nails to ride. +40 and +45B.. sounds like storms Sunday but in the sand no problem!

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Here's the scoop

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Yep I was there too, not a bad place but it always irked me to pay to shoot the breeze with other moto heads. The drama was over the top in later years!

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Yep, this bike is highly over rated IMO. Did anyone ever think that it was the rider (RC or RD) that made this bike look good? It also took Metty, a title contender on a Honda down a notch in his performance overall last year. However, I do believe that ... more »

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If you are serious about training and want cardio/strength at the same time that uses most of the muscle groups in your body there is only one answer... Russian Kettle Bell Training! Its not for the weak of heart or pussies, its the real deal and the

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RIP Marco.. As I watched the race unfold and the crash happened it looked bad, very bad and the crowd went quiet. Such a shame, he was looking to be one of the very best.

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Wow! Totally unexpected, If he can come away in one piece and take a top 5 then everyone's a winner. Ballsy move for sure!

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You do realize that there have been several French riders that are/were liked here in the USA don't you? Dislike for him here and in the GP's has nothing to do with him being French.. period. You must not pay attention to the web sites/boards regarding ... more »