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3/8/2016 3:28 PM

Hey guys, I'm looking for a simple lap timer. I just want to be able to find a point and see my lap times each lap. I tried looking in the forums but haven't found something simple that doesn't cost too much. Any suggestions or reviews? Thank youwink


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3/8/2016 4:53 PM

A cheap and simple lap timer would be great! I'm interested too!


3/8/2016 4:57 PM

I have a lap timer on my iPhone I use in my car on track days. works incredibly well and even logs and shows speeds etc. and has a ability to record video. It's called track addict by hp tuners. Just need a way to keep my phone safely on my bike and bingo. Didn't chad reed run something called mophie a few years back for your phone?


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3/8/2016 5:03 PM

I've seen a few apps,never tried any though.


3/8/2016 5:11 PM

I have used MXD Moto labs or something didn't work for me but they have an Awesome I phone case to mounts your bike safely. I bought a Polar M400 watch but haven't tried it yet, there were a few guys on here recommending the M400 hope it works. Vitards know everything so I should be good smile


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3/8/2016 5:30 PM

CL > for sale
MX LAP TIMER - $60 (Wrenshall MN.)
condition: new

DRC MX Interval and lap timer SP1-286
Mounts in place of your bar pad, incudes new blue fat bar pad, wiring, switch and instructions. Keeps track of your lap times up to 50 laps incuding sector times .This allows you to keep and try to beat your own lap times by yourself. I've used these units before and it makes you faster and is great fun! For snowmobiles and dirt bikes

Brand new in box! Paid $100 total, will sell for $60

Pm me if you're interested. I can't get an image to stick


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3/8/2016 5:35 PM

I've used an app called Splits before. Works pretty well if you can carry your phone on you and have somewhat decent reception where you're riding.


3/8/2016 5:38 PM

I'm not looking to mount my phone to my bike. Are the lap timers that are in the cross bar pad any good?


3/8/2016 5:40 PM


Here's a pic

dont screw with me, i am old and feeling grumpy..

3/8/2016 7:00 PM

I use my helmet camera. You can see what lines you took and learn a lot from a helmet cam video of your ride.

Pull the card, plug it into your laptop/phone/tablet and play back your ride. You can use a jump, track marker, sprinkler-head, or other object as a marker for a lap or a section. Use the playback time in the video player and subtract the start time from the end time. You'll have your lap times to the second. If you need more accurate timing, you can use a more precise playback timer in some cheap/free video editing software like (maybe the go-pro app too?).

I've learned a lot about race-craft and riding technique from reviewing my race and practice motos.


3/8/2016 7:36 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/8/2016 7:37 PM

I have used the DRC SP-1 for a year and love it. It is cheap, light, has a button to click off for each lap, and it is great for practice and training. It also has a countdown timer that I use for enduro racing. I designed a mount between my bar clamps (not the pad version because I wanted the face angled toward me) and use industrial velcro to secure it. The reason for the velcro is that you cannot power wash the bike with the DRC mounted. It is possible to get water in the unit with a power washer. (Happened once and I took it apart to dry it out. Has never been a problem since including driving rain.) The button that mounts on the bar for laps has a quick disconnect. Overall, I would recommend.


3/9/2016 1:48 PM

How does the timer in the cross bar work? Do you have to press the button each lap to clear it and start over? Does it last?


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3/12/2016 4:23 AM

IMHO anything with a button you have to push is a waste of time . You'll either forget to push it or be thinking about it too much . I like one with GPS on so you can chart you're lines .


3/12/2016 5:48 AM

Garmin310XT---amazon warehouse-$118


4/11/2016 4:59 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/11/2016 5:01 AM

Hi, sorry to bring up an old thread, but some people mentioned a gps watch, and i like to explain a bit what my experiences are with that.

I bought myself a sportswatch with heart rate monitor to use during running/cycling for conditioning. It's a Tom Tom runner, which i bought for EUR 90 including a heartrate band. It's a GPS watch.

The Tom Tom software/app allows you to see the route you ran/cycled, but it kind of sucks since you cannot set a lap. it shows your time per kilometer or mile, but you cannot set a split sector unless you calculate your laptimes manually.
However, the Tom Tom app connects with a bunch off other apps, including Strava. You can set the tom tom app so that it automatically transfers all your training data to another app.

So what i did was the following:
- Set the Tom Tom app on auto transfer data to Strava
- Installed the Tom Tom app for my iphone
- I rode a few laps on my 250 with the sportswatch on, and GPS tracked these laps.
- There is no need to push your watch during riding to set a split sector. All you need to do is before you start riding is start the gps watch and once you have gps connection you start riding.
- After riding: Connected the sportswatch with my iphone via bluetooth (so you can do this on the track). The Tom Tom app on my iphone collected the data from the sportswatch, saved it and also automatically (and immediateley) send it to Strava (you either need wifi or allow your phone to send data via 3g).
- Strava had the data basically instantly
- In Strava you can create ''segments'', which allows you to see your time on that segment. Basically i took one of my laps and created a segment which Strava uses to calculate the time everytime you ride that segment (= lap).
- Strava then automatically calculated all the ''lap''-times for the segment
- I did two testrides, and the data from the 2nd test ride was also matched with the segment i created from the 1st data. This imo means that now everytime i ride this track Strava will match the data with the segment (= only once you have to create a segment per track)
- Once you have the segment for the track set, and all of the above settings set them imo it should be possible to ride some laps, park your bike, set the bluetooth connection and immediately see what your lap times were.
- Remark: my tomtom sends the data to strava and classifies the data as ''running''. In Strava i edited the data from the first ride so that it classified as ''training'' and not ''running'' (Strava has no ''MX'' as activity). As a result the segment will only show up for activities classified as ''training'', so you have to take that into account if you edit the data.

Strava gave me:
- lap time
- heart rate avr and during the lap (need a heartrate monitor and band for that)
- speed during the lap
- a chart plotting all my lap times versus the best time

And this figure, where you can select each lap individually:

The red lines are ''all'' the laps that i rode during this session, and includes me entering and exiting the track. The blue line is Strava matching data to the ''segment'' (or better said me doing a lap). As you can see there is a small part missing (i think maybe half a second of data). The data is so detailed that the app actually shows the different lines you ride, so i suggest to set the start/end of the segment on a part of the track where you typically riding the same line (i actually used a lap where i entered the track so i used a different line).
The Blue dot somewhere on the track is the actual data point of the lap that i have selected, you can see data from that selected point (like speed, heart rate, height, etc.)

So in short: I cannot comment on software other then Strava (such as Endomondo or runkeeper), but if you get a GPS watch that can be connected to Strava imo you can have a ''cheap'' solution. For me especially cheap since i actually bought it for usage during conditioning, not mx :-)