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Everything is sold except for a bunch of the Titanium bolts.

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I have a set of Wheels off a 2016 CRF450R. Fits 2014 and newer CRF450. Will fit CRF250 as well but the rim is a 2.15” width for the 450. They are in good condition. No flat spots or any damage. Includes everything pictured. $250 + Shipping. Located on

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Interested, text me at 218-791-5498. Hopefully it’s for a 270mm rotor.

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I am looking for clamps to fit a 2007 CRF450R project bike. I prefer applied or pro circuit clamps. Any color will do. Can be for earlier or later models, say 2002-2008 CR/CRF. They just have to be 22 mm offset. Text me with what you have. 281-235-8193. ... more »

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I have a set of black 839s. I bought them and rode with them once before I realized I want a higher bend. I’ll sell them if you are still looking. I used ODI lockons so there isn’t any glue or anything on them. Text me at 218.791.5498

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Nice! Can’t wait to see it ripping around three palms!

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That piece is the magnet from your drain plug. To confirm, look at your drain plug you’ll see where it’s broken off. Order a new drain plug and live happily ever after. Or use your old drain plug without the magnet.

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Interested. Text me at 218-791-5498

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I have a new set of David Bailey Replica plastic and graphics for 2005-2008 CRF450R models. Brand new in original packaging. Fenders, side panels, shrouds front number plate in 1986 Honda “Flash Red” (orange-ish) color and gray fork guards, complete

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Interested in the boots. Shoot me a text 218-791-5498

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I have a set of HRC Hubs with new HRC rotors, Spokes, HRC Ti rotor bolts and sprocket bolts. Even the factory rubber rotor/sprocket covers. Email me for pics at

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Yeah. The 2005 stock exhausts are the hot ticket for 05-18 CRF450X guys to lighten up their bikes and get some more top end. 2006+ have to be modded to fit. That’s why 2005 stock exhausts are hard to come by. Search it up and you’ll find a bunch of guys ... more »

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The 2005 Header is different from 2006 - 07. Honda rotated the engine slightly so the header is longer on the 2005. I have a new take off 2005 I believe. Let me know if you are still looking and I’ll post up some pics. DJ

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Interested. Text me your paypal to 218-791-5498

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I value MXA’s tests the most. They are the only ones that don’t seem to be afraid to tell it like it is when bikes perform poorly. I’ve been a long time Honda guy, but ever since that 2009 CRF450 I’ve been disappointed. I stuck with Honda despite all ... more »

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Bottom clamps are forged aluminum and the top was cast aluminum. On the factory bikes the top clamp was magnesium which corrodes very fast so they painted them. On magnesium engine covers they use Dow-9, which is the gray/brown color.

Jorlebar left a comment 2/7/2021 6:08 PM

Hi, Jason here. Do you have any 1996 Honda CR250 parts remaining? Thank you

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My buddy built a 202 lb 2007 CRF450R. It’s no-shit 202 pounds straight up. We weighed it, otherwise I wouldn’t have believed it. You can go all around it with a magnet and there’s very little steel there. He started with the big stuff like Ti hardware ... more »

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Took my kids to all three. I think it was awesome. I bought tickets at the window the first night. The second night it sold out hours early, which surprised me, but I heard the promoter heavily limited tickets out of corona concerns. For some reason,

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