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He is arguably the best supercross rider from Germany after #94. Sold all he had last year in Germany and went to the US a couple of months ago. But he has never raced in the States so far. Pretty excited how he will do tonight.

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In 500 years? Idiocracy is what I think about everytime I hear news from the US since the last 4 years.

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Ha, sweet! My first bike was a „Cagiva 125 Pekka Vekhonen Replica“ and I was so in love with it when my dad bought it for me. I had to pay him the money from working in school holidays, but that was how my motocross addiction startet. Í´ll see if I find ... more »

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True. Bad decision and an unnecessary move from Ferrandis. But if it was an US rider taking out a frenchman, the whining and cryout wouldn't be half as bad.

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From german site Speedweek translated with google: In Anaheim, Roczen explained the causes of his physical problems: he suffers from Pfeiffer's glandular fever (Epstein Barr Virus) and is therefore under constant medical supervision. Only the next few ... more »

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If it was a dirt bike rider, I would call him a goon.

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What a stupid rider introduction

Walking the track with this flag-thingy like a burial ceremony. ... more »
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Do you mean exposure in the US or in the rest of the world? I guess you may be right when you only talk about the US. But worldwide, it’s way more exposure riding the MXdN.

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Well the bad quality due to the raindrops on the lenses sucked big time. But at least I could watch it live, in HD without any stupid commercials or some other stupid "from makeup to mud" stuff in between or during the races. AND I could watch all races

... more »
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I knew there would be the "but we are superior at SX" threads as soon as i open Vital this morning. Every year it`s the same (lame) discussion. Get over it. Your team didn't win, just like 32 other teams this year. The USA won't ever be the best in everything ... more »

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What I see when reading through this thread:

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Rain or shine, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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Team Fried next episode:

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At least the weather is a small consolation for me that I can't be there this year.

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I get it! You mean Davey Coombs!

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Haha, love the response.

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Yes. He was there hanging with the team. And I remember thinking about how he would evolve and if he will live up to his hype and represent Germany in the future...

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Been to the Nations since 2007 nearly for every year. Here are some pictures from different years I could find. Budds Creek 2007:

Italy 2009: Lommel 2012: Teutschenthal 2013: ... more »
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This comes up every year when it’s MXoN time. And I kind of like that. But I am also pretty satisfied with how it works right now.