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HRP flak jak.....I have been wearing the same one for 20 years, comfortable and indestructible.

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At the quad national the first pro motos were a quagmirex by the second motos the track was perfect. They ended up cancelling all sunday racing due to local flooding closing the issue might not be the track.

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what console ? I have never played the game but id gate 'er up

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I still would put my money on Tomac. Eli is a beast outdoors and he gets rolling around halfway.....first round doesnt mean shit.

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I dont see why he would stay ??!! The way it was explained to me, the riders pay him on percentage of salary or some shit ?? He knows the routine, why stay and give away money to someone who has already taught you what needs to be done ??? Smart move ... more »

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I think Jmart and Jett are the 2 favorites.... Hunter Lawrence is right there with Forkner and Max Vohland is going to shock some people.....I think hes going to fly outdoors.

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I broke both my collarbones at separate times and didnt even know it. I took a few days off and got back to riding. its crazy how it makes you nauseous.....I know I am the minority, call it lucky....but thats my experience.

Started new thread Scott Sheak seriously injured 5/1/2021 2:52 PM

Yesterday during an open practice, leading up to the Loretta Lynn's Area Qualifier at Walden MX, Scott Sheak was involved in a crash on his own at the finish line area. It is not clear as to the cause of the crash at this time. Scott was transported

... more »

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I think this swap moto of him talking outdoors is just his prep for Atlanta. Might see him at a few but no way mook does the whole series.

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In talking to some people about supercross, I think the addition of B mains would really help the bottom half of the field not only get faster but get more sponsorship help. -Allow up to 60 entires into the night show which would keep the same A B and ... more »

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what are you a retard ?

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Ralph was terrible. I don't mind DIffy. Weege and Langston are awesome. I miss the Art Eckman David Bailey days.

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Marv looks like jesus riding a smoth and effortless.

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Love chad or not....In a fantasy world where you take the best supercross riders of all tim, line them up and have them race their best SX main event EVER.....Chad Reed finishes 2nd behind Stew IMO.....for that reason alone I love how he just can't walk ... more »

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The dude won a national win the nattys you are a bad mofo...period

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Fingers crossed.....feel for the guy, he never has a tip over....its yard sale or nothing

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Dock him 1 spot in my opinion but if he doesnt get clipped I dont blame them, that was a sketchy spot to be turning a bike around

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This is a fantastic idea !!! We should make a Facebook watch party and see who goes down first....what's the drink of choice ?

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What really did in Bo was the injury not being addressed immediately. I also believe he had a fracture and tried to just "tough it out" causing part of his bone to die. Deano is no stranger to injuries and is tough as nails, I think he will be back before ... more »

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God damn it, no one shows the love for this sport like Deano...hope he is ok