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IMO the 12 is a better bike, the 13 is different it is lower in the rear but just does feel right,its just not me but other riders say the same thing. As far as suspension goes I prefer the 12 over the 13 the SSF valving is very stiff. I only say this ... more »

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Doc Bodnar took care of me at the Thundervalley Natioanl in 2010, very caring and a great guy. Get well soon!

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His bike did not look like it was handling very well, He should have been able to get around Huffman it looked like he could not get the bike to turn and just ran it the back of him.

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Probably because Mike was not racing Vegas both are probably focusing on outdoors, so why incur the cost to take the rig for 1 event. IMO

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Matt, had a practice crash. went to the Doctor and got his release so yea he may not have been on his game, but as always he will be back stronger than ever!!

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to all you people who want to make something out of nothing Mike DID NOT flip off dungey ! he pointed at him to simply let him know" i can ride your speed and i will be racing you all moto long as soon as my bike is set up to do so .

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Tyson Has a facebook account you can send him a friend request.

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very good stuff, lmao

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racer111 i have been around,. But Mike is not a SX guy, never has been, he rides SX well enough but look at the class this year pretty stacked against somebody who chose to ride SX . He could sit it out but he is trying. He did not ride any SX last year ... more »

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yea some what true, he is not a SX guy !

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what question? You should provide the answer with the question or are you going to guess like all the other crystal ball readers.

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OMG everybody has a bad night, give it a rest, hell Grant is out too, guess he sucks for factory Honda as a well.

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Jeff has the speed should make the main!

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I would go with the RMZ. Got to ride both, Honda's nice but I think the Suzuki is a better over all bike out of the crate

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no worthog folded

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JT and Matt tangled, it was just plain racing, no bad blood between anyone, Both showed up for the LCQ Matt finished second and JT$ did not finish. (do not know why) Mat's anke is tweeked pretty good hopefully all wiil be ok for tomorrow and his trip ... more »

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Jeff is younger than Mike by about 1 year

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yes riding washagoul, and did race PIR

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dang, Mike sure gets around quick, talked with him day before yesterday and again today after his practice sessions, all the way to Reno and back and still time to practice you go Mike! Obviously somebody who looked like Mike