Silly Season: Round 8.4 18

Whew! It's never-ending. Added: Hart&Huntington / Dodge, AG Motorsports, Answer Skullcandy gear for JDR Motorsports, a more complete roster at Weinert Racing, tweaks to / Travisa / Shea Racing / National Switchgear, a logo for TwoTwo Racing, some changes in the GP rosters, and a new mechanic (and bike number) for Jason Anderson.

There are listings for available mechanics, team managers, truck drivers, and trainers available as well.

As we edge closer to the season, we'll continue filling in the blanks. You can help if you've got solid info on what any of the riders or teams are doing for 2011. Click Contact at the bottom of the page to email GuyB, and we'll keep updating.

As we've seen, changes happen frequently, just like they will right up until the gate drops at Anaheim 1.

Rockstar Makita Suzuki
Team Sponsors: Yoshimura, One Industries, Maxima, Dunlop, Tag Metals,
Team Manager: Mike Webb

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
1Ryan DungeyMike GosselaarFoxOakleyFoxNikeRockstar Makita Suzuki, Fox, Nike 6.0, Target, Oakley, Rockstar, Leatt, Trek, Asterisk
24Brett MetcalfeMark Valcore ThorScottThorAlpinestars 

Monster Energy Kawasaki
Team Sponsors: Renthal
Team Manager: Mike Fisher

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
2Ryan VillopotoMike Williamson ThorOakleyThorAlpinestars 
32Jake WeimerDana Wiggins ThorVonZipperThorAlpinestars 

San Manuel / Yamaha 
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Larry Brooks

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
7James Stewart BellOakleyAnswerNike 
30Kyle RegalChris Rhodes AraiSpyFlyGaerneDC Shoes

Hart & Huntington / Dodge
Team Sponsors: Bel-Ray, Jacksonville Powersports, Pro Circuit, Dunlop, Works Connection, Twin Air, Faction MX.
Team Manager: Kenny Watson

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
9Ivan TedescoTony Berluti OneSmithOneGaerneHurley
38Chris BloseChad Geid OneSmithOne661 
75Josh Hill One One  

Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGRMX
Team Sponsors: Yamaha, Shift, Interstate Batteries, SportClips, Etnies, Dunlop, FMF, Hinson, Oakley, N-Style, RK, CV4, Carillo, RCS, Renthal, Motion Pro, Job Gibbs Driven Racing Oil, JE, Light Speed, Hammerhead, VP.
Team Manager: Jeremy Albrecht

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
10Justin BraytonPatrick Barker BellOakleyShiftGaerneLeatt, Skullcandy.
18Davi MillsapsAlex Ewing AGVOakleyShiftAlpinestars 

MotoConcepts Yamaha
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: David Vuillemin

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
11Kyle ChisholmBrent Myron   O'Neal  
12Tommy HahnDerek Dwyer   O'Neal  
45Vince FrieseEddie Laret   O'Neal  

GEICO Powersports Honda 
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Mike LaRocco

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGearBootsOther sponsors
14Kevin WindhamBrian Calma ShoeiMSR  
17Justin BarciaMichael Tomlin FoxFoxFox 
19Eli TomacBrian Kranz FoxFoxFox 
21Blake WhartonGlenn HobsonFoxFoxFox 
31Wil HahnJay Burgess FoxFoxFox 
 Justin Bogle (pro after LL's 2011) Mat Taylor     

2011 Team Name: 2010 Team Name: Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
Team Sponsors:  

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
15Dean WilsonPaul Perebijnos ThorScottThorAlpinestars 
20Broc TickleDave Feeney ThorScottThorAlpinestars 
28Tyla RattrayWayne Lumgair ThorScottThorAlpinestars 
57Blake BaggettShawn IrwinThorScottThorAlpinestars 
100Josh HansenDerek BrushThorScottThorAlpinestars 

TwoTwo Motorsports
Team Sponsors: Bel-Ray
Team Manager: Dave Osterman

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
22Chad ReedLars Lindstrom    Alpinestars 

2011 Team Name: 2010 Team Name: Rockstar Energy Suzuki
Team Sponsors: ONE graphics and casual gear, 661 safety gear.
Team Manager: Bill Keefe  

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
23Martin Davalos (W) Steve WestfallOne One661 
77Ian Trettel  One One661 
71Ryan MoraisRene ZapataOne One661 
156Jason Anderson Ben SchiermeyerOne One661 

2011 Team Name: 2010 Team Name: DNA Shred Stix / Star Racing / Yamaha
Team Sponsors:  
Team Manager: Alan Brown  

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
25Ryan Sipes (E) Scott Adkins ScottScottScottScott 
35Kyle Cunningham (W) Andy VendeBergScottScottScottScott 
 Gannon Audette (E) Karl GundersenScottScottScottScott 
387Gareth Swanepoel (W) Eric GassScottScottScottScott 
1Jessica PattersonEddie Ray  OakleyFox  

 / BBMX / Palmetto Suzuki
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Forrest Butler, Karsten Butler

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
26Michael ByrneMark GiannantonioFlySmithFly  
47Jason ThomasDan TrumanFlySmithFly  

Valli Motorsports Rockstar Yamaha 
Team Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Yamaha, Hammerhead, Pro Taper, GYTR, Yamalube, Valli Construction, Pro Circuit, VP Fuels, Dunlop, Excel, Vortex, Boyesen, ARC, DT1, Faction MX, Light Speed, Mechanix Wear, CMI Machining, Braking, N-Style
Team Manager: Jon Mitcheff

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
27Nick WeyPhil Perry MSRScottMSRTCX 
74Austin StroupeKeith Burns ScottScottScottScott 

2011 Team Name: Red Bull KTM
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Roger DeCoster

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
29Andrew ShortFrank Latham Fly ScottFly  
800Mike AlessiKelly Lumgair AirohEKS AlpinestarsAlpinestarsRed Bull, EVS, Skin
525?Marvin MusquinJon Primo  Oakley   
 Ken Roczen (SX only, then MX2 World Championship series). Carlos Rivera     

Honda Racing
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Erik Kehoe

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
33Josh GrantJason HainesShoeiDragonMSRAlpinestars 
41Trey CanardBrent PresnellFlyScottFly  
2Ashley Fiolek      

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda
Team Sponsors: Seaspan, Dunlop, Oakley, Alpinestars, Pro Circuit, Wings for Life, Skullcandy, Avia, Rossignol, Leatt, Couts, Renthal, Cycra, Epic Action Cam, Pacific Collision Centers, Kasey Kahne, Parts Unlimited, N Style, Hinson, Twin Air, VP Racing Fuels, ODI, Selle Italia, RK, Primm Collection, Light Speed, QTM, Muc-Off, Talon, Excel, Flexfit
Team Manager: Tyler Keefe
Bikes: Honda

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
36Cole Seely (W) Rich SimmonsTLDOakleyTLDAlpinestars 
58Travis Baker (W) Clint BacklundTLDOakleyTLDAlpinestars 
144Christian Craig (W) Jeremy CokerTLDOakleyTLDAlpinestars 

Eleven 10 Mods / Renegade Fuels
Team Sponsors:
Bikes: Honda

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
37Darryn Durham (SX, and Lites E)   VonZipper  Volcom
46Alex Martin (E)   VonZipper   
 Brandon Mays (E)   VonZipper   

TiLUBE Kawasaki
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager:

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
39Matt Goerke      
50Matt Boni Joshua Marsh     

Honda of Troy / Kilbarger Racing
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Phil Alderton

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGearBootsOther sponsors
42Nico Izzi (E)     
44Les Smith (E)      
 Levi Kilbarger (E)     

MotoExtreme Kawasaki
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager:

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
48Matt Lemoine ShoeiScottMooseAlpinestars 

Truth MX MB1 Kawasaki
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Luke Evans

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
49Ben Evans (W) Andrew Bauer     
 Bryce Vallee (W)       

 / Travisa / Shea Racing / National Switchgear

Team Sponsors: KTM Sportscycles, Violation Goggles, National Switchgear, Travisa, Munn Racing, DeCal Works, Power Bar Team Elite, DT-1 Filters, Matrix Systems, Moto PR, The James Marshall Project,,, Enzo Racing, Eleven 10 Mods, Renegade Fuel, Engine Ice, Dunlop, Maxima Racing Oils, OutLaw Racing, DR.D Dubach Racing Development Exhaust, TCX boots, and Iris chains, ODI Grips, Light Speed

Team Manager: Tim Shea

Team Facilator: Adam Tappe

Team Driver: Derek Groda

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
61Austin Howell (W) James Howell and Todd ThompsonFlyViolationFlyTCX 

Tevin Tapia (E)

Big Dan
94Ricky Renner (E) Cody Gitzen
129Vernon McKiddie (E) James McKiddie FlyViolationFlyTCX 
149Casey Hinson (W) George DanielFlyViolationFlyTCXSullen Clothing, Kicker, Sunnyside Bicycles, Ethika, Snuffy, Redwave Tattoo.
804Jason Langford Jr (W) Jef Sackett FlyViolationFlyTCX 

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
65Hunter Hewitt (E) Jamie Ellis OneSpyOne661 

2011 Team Name: 2010 Team Name: Rockwell Fire/Police
Team Sponsors:  

No.RiderMechanicGogglesHelmetGearBootsOther sponsors
85Ryan Clark      
 Cole Siebler      
 Landen Powell      
758 Jason Potter (W) UtopiaFlyFlySidi 

2011 Team Name: Rock River Powersports
Team Sponsors: Roost MX, Fox Racing Shox, YamaLube, GYTR, Hinson, K&N, TAG, Vertex, EVS, Pit Posse, Vortex.
Team Manager: Christina Denney

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
43Weston PeickTrevor DeanFlyUtopiaFly  
53Jarred Browne      
87Drew Yenerich (E) David Dukey "DUKE"FlyOakleyFly  
628Joey Rossi (E) Landon Huey     
707Alex Millican (W)       
801Jeff Alessi      

AG Motorsports / KTM
Team Sponsors: Dragon Racing Fuels, 1-866-KTM-PART, Fly Racing, TCX Boots, MGX Unlimited, SGD Seats, Motorex, No Toil Air Filters, K&N Oil Filters, Cycra.
Team Manager: Al Albiker

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
56Phil Nicoletti (E)   Moose  
60Killy Rusk (E) FlyUtopiaFlyTCX 
690Ricky Winters (E)  Fly FlyTCX 
702Jimmy Albertson (E)Gregg Albertson FlyScottFlyTCX 


Team Sponsors:, Fly Racing, TCR Wheels, 180 Decals, San Luis Motorsports, C4MX, KPS Suspension, Sunstar, Works Connection, SDG Seats, Applied, Hinson Clutch, No-Toil, Cortese Preformance, and Pernsteiner Racing.
Team Manager: Randy Redberg

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
73Topher Ingalls (W)  Fly Fly  

2011 Team Name: 2010 Team Name: Red Seven Ride Co.
Team Sponsors: Twisted Beverage, Company, FMF, Honda West, DT1 Filters, Hinson.  
Team Manager: Aaron Chapman  

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors


Kyle Partridge   No Fear   

Weinert Racing
Team Sponsors: South of the Border, Factory Connection, FMF, Hinson, Renthal, CV4, Works Connection, Mechanics Wear, Dunlop, ICW, Cycra, Liquid Performance, Twin Air, Impulse Graphics, QTM
Team Manager: Jimmy Weinert

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
89Taylor Futrell (E) Matt Winters      
91Josh Clark Josh Huff
244Ryan Zimmer Jeff Zimmer      
709Tyler Bright (450) Aaron Whitfield      

Inforce Technologies
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager:
Bike: Honda

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
520Tony Gallo       

Team Suzuki City Nitro Circus 
Team Sponsors:, Motul, Motion Pro, Excel, RK, Pro Circuit, RG3,, K&N, Works Connection, QTM, Matrix, NTS
Team Manager: Michael Nasakaitis

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
 Malcolm Stewart (E) Tim Bennett     
505Sean Lipanovich (E)       

JDR Motorsports/KTM
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Nate Ramsey

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
 PJ Larsen Steven Stoyakovich VonZipperAnswer Skullcandy   
 Tye Simmonds Craig Behl VonZipperAnswer Skullcandy  
 Dan Reardon   Answer Skullcandy  

AG Motorsports KTM
Team Sponsors: Dragon Racing Fuels, Fly Racing.
Team Manager: Al Albiker

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
56Phil Nicoletti      
60Killy Rusk      
690Ricky Winters      
702Jimmy Albertson      


Riders to place: (feel free to add more.)

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
 Derek Almy      
842Broc Armbruster  DragonNo FearTCXK&N , DRD
78Sean Borkenhagen      
 Jake Canada       
 Scott Champion       
 Adam Chatfield      
 Spencer Dally       
66James DeCotis      
327Jeremy Girard      
 Chris Gosselaar      
409Dillon Huddleston      
63Justin Keeney      
 Kyle Keylon      
62Robert Kiniry      
54Jason Lawrence      
140Johnny Moore      
377Christophe Pourcel      
72Nick Paluzzi      
 Bruce Rutherford       
 Tyler Sjoberg      
96Lowell Spangler      
 Justin Sipes      
 Lance Vince      
55Tommy Weeck      

Team Managers available: Derek Sorenson, Bill Ferry, Austin Prescott.

Mechanics to place: Matt Winters, Scott Donkersgoed (Blackfoot Yamaha, OTSFF Suzuki, and wrenched for Nick Wey in a winning effort at the Montreal Supercross), Nick Hoffman (BBMX, MotoConcepts), Masa Ito (Jason Lawrence), Charles Marchant (formerly of Star Racing, MotoConcepts, etc.), Brian Uebel (YoT, MDK/KTM, T.I.S.C.O.), Ryan Schaub, Todd Williamson (Jacob Saylor). You can contact us for contact info on any of these guys).

Truck Drivers available: Chuck Ball, Chris Parsons (2009 MX Team of the Year and 2010 MX Transport Driver of the Year), Michael S. Spraker, John Valois.

Trainers available: Austin Squires.

2011 MX GP

Red Bull De Carli
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager:

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
1Antonio Cairoli   AXOSidi 
 Max Nagl   AXO  

Red Bull KTM
Team Sponsors: Teka
Team Manager:

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
 Ken Roczen      
 Jeffrey Herlings      
 Jeremy Van Horebeek      
 Steffie Laier      

Rockstar Suzuki
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager:

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
 Steve Ramon      
 Clement Desalle      

Kawasaki Racing Team
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager: Yves DeMaria

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
 Jonathan Barragan       
 Xavier Boog      
 Sébastien Pourcel      

Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross Team
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager:

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
 David Phillipaerts      
 Steven Frossard      
 Gautier Paulin      

Team CLS Kawasaki Pro Circuit
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager:

No.RiderMechanicHelmetGogglesGearBootsOther sponsors
 Ben Townley      
 Max Anstie      
 Tommy Searle      

Yamaha Monster Energy Gariboldi
Team Sponsors:
Team Manager:


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