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I was going to point this out, you beat me to it. That's when RC was on Suzuki, and DeCoster was at the helm of Suzuki. Makes it sad to know Suzuki has given up on their MX bikes.

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Look at where the Excel rear wheel snapped "broke" right at the seam weld. That's kinda scary

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Would love to see pics of the tracks you ride in Uruguay. Please share

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If he had shown better results by even a couple spots, or shown blasts of speed on lap times I would've voted yes. But in the 1st two he has shown neither. Heck, his fastest lap of the 2nd moto at Thunder Valley was 5 seconds off Roczens and 6 seconds ... more »

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I need 05' to 07 left and right hand crankcase sets. As many as anyone has and would be willing to sell. Unfortunately, Kawi quit making and selling these years ago. I posted on the bazaar about a year ago, with a WTB for KX250 crankcases or full motors, ... more »

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it's actually Reditt, one d and 2 t's

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c'mon conner

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So early yesterday morning 4/27/21 I posted on the topic: IS WEBB THE ONLY RIDER WHO GIVES A F@@K. My post is the last one on page 2. I specifically call into Webbs talent, responding to others comments in that specific thread. 1) I point out Webbs unimpressive ... more »

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I was one of the fortunate to have actually owned and raced the 84' KX125. One of my favorite bikes for sure, and a huge reason I stayed on green since. Like some of you also commented, my frame needed to be welded from minor cracking. Twice in one season. ... more »

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This is to "bodean 123", first, Webb doesn't have 2 450 titles yet. Probably just a formality as this Saturday at SLC he'll probably close that. However, as of you writing that, He Does Not. Webb certainly has more talent than us keyboard racers/weekend ... more »

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Exactly what I was thinking reading these posts. After Tuesday's race, Honda claimed to have had change made that probably helped Ken, and KTM claimed the same after Tuesday's race by going back to Florida, (even mentioning Webb flew down separately) ... more »

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Ricky Ryan shocked everybody. I knew about RC's 2 bad finishes before getting his 1st win, but had forgotten about Townley's. Still, amazing that Thrasher kept it together and didn't allow pressure to get to him. Even Marchbanks messed up chasing him. ... more »

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So the finish of the 250f lcq was Thrasher, Drake, Brown and Sipes. But, with those guys transferring to the main, Thrasher wins his first ever main event, besting his best finish of ninth so far in his rookie career. Pierce Brown scores a 9th, Ryan ... more »

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It's funny yet relatable that so many of us don't or have not watched SX racing live. Like many others, I haven't watched a SX race live now for over 5 years. I also agree the production has gotten worse. Going back to the years of RC JS7, CR22 and, ... more »

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I've been watching the storms on radar since midnight central time. The storms have 3 separate lines of heavy showers with lighter rain mixed around all 3. Currently it extends from Shreveport, LA to the Alabama and Georgia state line. They have weakened ... more »

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Ferrandis, Musquin, should have an advantage. Tomac has had a good mud race, but remember the mudder Loretta's national last season. He went down at least once before the overheating issue. I love mudders, Daytona yrs ago was too muddy, and too much ... more »

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I read every post of this, what a waste that was

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I can say this is important. After a 9 month hiatus due to knee reconstruction years back, I can tell you, I went out and started pounding laps. It wasn't my first practice day back, but my 2nd. I was trying to be steady, but do 25 minute intervals. ... more »

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Happy to hear this news for Ohio riders. North Texas riders may be able to relate, but I used to ride and race a not so famous, but great track in the DFW metro called Mosier Valley MX. Jerry used to run the spring GNC there a week or so after Lake Whitney's ... more »