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Please text: 214-529-3207

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Looking for a complete motor and trans, or complete transmission. Also interested in at least the cases (both) and any internal parts. Input shafts, gears, complete gear sets, and complete clutch. (clutch pressure plate, hub, and basket)

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This is crazy, but I'll give my 2 cents. Up until earlier this year I long distance dated an RN at the Trinity hospital in Minot, ND from where I live in TX. I visited Minot on several occasions in the past 3 years and I personally know folks on Rig ... more »

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I'm not "from" TX but live here now. In the time I've been here though, I think its hilarious that most "native" Texans (born here but not truly native) have this grandeur of having to return if they have left to live somewhere else for awhile. Seems ... more »

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1 day ago, October 9th, I submitted order from motosport for $2700 in spare parts, parts to use in the next week, and parts for a bike build I'm doing. That follows an order on August 19th, for $1372 for parts for my 3rd motocross bike. So far in 2019, ... more »

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I might be interested in the stand. It looks custom

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If Mike can keep his "bearings" on the start gate like the days of lore, and then has the "balls" to keep the throttle on, he'll do just fine.

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Big congratulations to you Mike. Its great to see someone like you step into the sport with this kind of big commitment. You are always at the races anyway, but this........well, just wow. I know a couple riders from TX that I'd like to see on your team. ... more »

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Albeit, yeah right behind a couple of Green bikes. But hey, a podium spot and a 4th, and 5th aint bad

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I'm at work so I cant post pics of his shredded vertex. Me thinks you should probably pay someone to do your mechanical work. Looks like a mistake on your part, not a product failure on Wiseco. Maybe I need to find out what brand premix you're using ... more »

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Two posts, and you have failed to give data on why Wiseco isn't a good product. I gave you reasons why Wiseco is good. ( 20 plus years of use) If you have reasons, maybe you could state them in your THIRD post. I have a reason not to use Vertex. A riding ... more »

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I've used Wiseco for over 20 years. Never had an issue. Matter of fact, they've been great on top ends, and clutch baskets, and clutch kits. I'd go Wiseco

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The price is reasonable. I bought a new 2002 KX 250 that I rode for a couple years and loved that bike. Wish I never would've sold it.

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was hoping Mitchell Oldenburg would find a place on a team.
Also would have been nice to see John Short get a shot as well.

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congrats, looks like it'll be a cool build. You're gonna have a blast on that thing. I've never owned any brand other than Kawasaki since I was on a 1979 KX 80. (Yes, that's a long time ago) But about 10 days ago I bought a 2012 YZ 125. Rode it at Oak ... more »

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Was born in Ft Dodge, IA Used to race district 22. So many awesome times and memories. many good tracks up there that disappeared. Nice to see such a great facility. I miss Iowa, but I sure am glad I can ride year round where I live now.

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Boxing in the 70's 80's and early 90's was popular enough that most non fans had heard of Sugar Ray Leonard, or Thomas Hearn, Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, Julio Chavez, Evander Holyfield and of course Mike Tyson. I know some of Tyson's fights came later ... more »

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That's a decent price OTD. Enjoy that thing, 2 Strokes all the way!!

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Guess what.......your "Hope" of him being involved in the sport has come true. Ever heard of 'Seven Gear"?? Ever heard of the James Stewart Spring Classic amateur motocross championships held every year at Freestone MX in Texas?? Well, now you have

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Motor Cross --- Motocross Sidecar ---- Side by sides It's all relative I guess