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Is there plenty of coolant? Anything blocking the coolant flow? Something stuck in the hoses like a rag? Air leak? Carb boots tight?

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Well spoken!

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Very little hours, like new. No dents or scratches. $150 for both. PayPal Please. -Bob

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Maybe fuel has not filled up the AP-diaphragm chamber yet. Raise the subframe up and twist the throttle to see if the AP jet is squirting.

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As mentioned above, heat. Oven, torch or BBQ. Then lightly drop the case on some wood. Falls right out. Do the same to install new bearings.

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Contacts are great, not perfect, but work for me.

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Sit more middle over foot pegs like you are putting through the pits.

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File down 2 sides of the nut so you can get a good grip, heat it too.

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I weighed a Sedona front tube. 1lb, 3oz (539g). And it was about 1.5mm thick. Just FYI.

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I was working on a neighbor kids CRF150F. The starter post insulator shattered (the part just below #10) and you can not buy it separately. The only way to get that part is to buy a new starter $240 or used ebay.

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Sand blast, Glass bead, alum oxide, walnut shells

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A. First rider gets DQ, 2nd rider gets his finish or B. (if no rule exist for this situation) Riders get placed as they finished Just my guess.

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Water in air box? Did you clean up the valve seats too?

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Thanks guys. To add to it, I purchased Motion Pro plastic rim locks. The front is just .2oz lighter but the rear is like half the weight. I could feel the wheel wobble in the air with the stock locks. Any suggestions as to where to buy Hoosier tires ... more »

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Currently have mx33 and heavy duty tubes. Since this 150sx is track only, I'm thinking about trying a lighter pair of tires and tubes next. Any suggestions?

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82.5 kg 182 lbs

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I wouldn't get too caught up in the numbers. There is no perfect sag numbers. Its just a ball park starting point and/or reference. Especially us light weights its not easy to have those sag numbers like riders who weigt 165-195. I spoke to a nationally ... more »

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tender wrists still

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"Tomac going mach chicken" Thread title of the year!!!