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What is your starting routine and air temperature there? Choke? Throttle twists?

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Send it in to Scotts. They replace worn parts which yours most likely has. It will be done right (peace of mind).

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My advice is to not make a final decision right after a crash. Take a 6 month break and then reevaluate. Don't sell your bike or gear just yet.

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I bought a used 2014 crf250r and the subframe was marked -3.5mm. My rear tire lightly rubbed the fender.

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Great Video, thanks for sharing.

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Yes! Neighbor had an xr75 red tank. I had a crappy sl70. Front brake lever was broken off and back tire was bald. Back then, that's just how everyone rode too.

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New bearings, new chain and brakes that don't drag.

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I took it that he needed a cylinder. 5XC-11311-20-00

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What year of bike is the new color?

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At, you can click on the part number and it will tell you what years/models it will fit. You will be pleased to know...01-13. The piston is a different story. ... more »

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I have no documentation. Most TC showa's were in the middle of the clicker settings (10 - 12 out). Shock HS 1.5 - 2.

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Vapor blast will come out best. Nice finish that is easy to clean up. You could try baking soda in your blast cabinet. It only knocks off the dirt. It wont pit the metal. Walnut shells have similar results. Glass beading or aluminum oxide will micro ... more »

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THanks for posting. Love that RM250!

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Something is broken or cracked inside. Pull the clutch cover off and take a look. The auto decompression is only felt right at TDC. Before and after should be easy movement.

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Lots of WD40 or soapy water all the way around the bead (both sides). Pull the tire bead and lube inside and outside. The rim lock is as loose as possible and will push up into tire before inflating right? Try keeping the opposite end of the tire down ... more »

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Not a big deal if you have a teammate to help you out!

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Sounds like we need to bring back 125cc SX so we can watch them live. Heck yah!

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Yes, new piston kit for sure. Check the ring gap and piston size on the old rings/piston and compare to what the manual says. If they are past the OEM specs, you know you went way past a service interval. Make sure the cylinder is not worn too much either. ... more »

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