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I had some actual works Kawasaki cylinders and pipes, i listed on ebay and didn’t sell any of it. And my prices werent high

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One does not actually BUY Amsoil. They will make you a dealer. Amsoil dealers are on every block in every garage lol. Why would you buy Amsoil ? Just become an Amsoil dealer. You obviously dont need a store

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When wives get upset about men spending money on their bikes, I say that men are gonna spend money somewhere, some go to casinos and gamble it away, some go to bars. Motorcycles arent so bad !

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The word used is galling. The metal on the cam is galled

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Well remember its TALL riders who excel on the 450 Yammy. Isnt that right Aaron P?

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Was that a conscious decision on Oneals part or just a coincidence? theres been a bunch of dorks in my area with all white bikes with some grey graphics. Isnt that Butterys look? So these squids are definitely influenced by him. Shit theyre called “Influencers”. ... more »

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Yamahas 450s handle weird. They do something different every lap over the same obstacles or bumps. Its hard to predict what a yamaha will do. Not fun

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Baggett Dont need no famous dad! that was an idiotic thing to say . I lost a lot of respect for him when he said that dumb shit.

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The 1993 Kawasaki KX125 actually was pretty fast. It won the MXA shootout that year. So idk why all the bashing of the bike. It did blow up like crazy though. And when you made it faster the reliability got worse. But that was a fast stock bike.

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Roger Dickoster

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Dont buy a yamaha. They break youll fix it and it breaks again. Ive owned many yamahas and never again.

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Jlaw talked a bunch of shit, he thought he was cool and everyone else was lame, but when RV surgically slapped his face with his front tire, that was pretty badass. Dungey never even said anything about jlaw. Like i wish Dunge wouldve brought up all ... more »

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I thought he was gonna be mad at track design, when i saw he was mad at lack of coaching, seemed Like a greedy and selfish thing to say. hes not mad at the guys death hes mad the guys dont get enough coaching??? Hmm

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You will never see a Japanese brand bought by KTM.

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“Just seeing whats out there, dont need the money”. Maybe he wants to sell it to get a Lambo

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Everybody wants to come up. They brag about buying a bike from someone getting a divorce, or widow selling bike, or “they thought it was blown up and all it needed was a spark plug”. It thrills people to come up on others misfortune

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Maybe youll be able to get parts for Yamahas in 2022 because you cant get em in 2020

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I dont think he has anything to prove. Who talking shit about his ability on a motorcycle? Theyre stupid. Thats sick that he wants to even mess with an offroad race at all.

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There are suspension companies that do the same thing. Send them your suspension and then when you call no one answers. Many attempts. And people still use this company.

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I have seen some problems with those forks when the o rings inside go bad. I wonder if you have an oring that needs to be replaced