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If Simone Biles raced mx, all you would hear about is how she choked. theyd call her Simone Chokles. there would be NO sympathy for her in MX

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no one even mentions the fact that if you order from your dealer they can deal with all the BS and you support your local shop

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Its most likely that Kawasaki, being a team that has experience with the fastest riders who push the envelope (rc stew rv tomac), has knowledge of setup and team logistics that Kawasaki does not want ktm to poach. and roger is very smart, he would be ... more »

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There is no such thing as too fast. Riders/mechanics/teams like to say they are detuning their bikes but they are not. What it does is, it leads the competition or guys who have no brains of their own in the wrong direction. Its totally intentional. ... more »

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Tusk is so lame

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i wouldnt even put an SSR in the back of my truck. let alone ride one. thats like saying good BMX bikes are overpriced, the wal mart ones are just fine. that would be WRONG. Ive talked to tweakers that have the biggest POS bikes and they insist that ... more »

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450 all day long. Any of the Husky or KTM or (omg ridiculous )Gas Gas pros can ride 350s in sx but no one does

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My dad respected and admired Dick Mann so much. He said he wanted to introduce me to a legend and he told me to have Dick Mann sign my trophy at Hollister one time. I didnt really know who Mann was but if Dad respected him then he was legit. i got to ... more »

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I was almost waiting for someone on the team or family to tell him enough is enough and sit the main out. Im not saying thats what should’ve happened. His podium speech was pretty classy

Added a comment about video @Ping EP. 1 | Could RC Qualify For a 450 Main? 4/16/2021 7:21 PM

I can read it in 10% of the time it takes to listen/watch it. I way prefer the written. Dame thing for the pulpmx show. You have to listen for three hours to get 15 minutes of intersting shit

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Started new thread Staying ahead of WADA 4/9/2021 9:11 PM

Didnt the tour de france riders get newly developed steroids and shit that were not yet tested for by WADA? They were staying ahead of the tests?

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i think daytona will be a turning point for eli

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Kawasaki changed these bikes a lot every year in the 1990s. Powervalves were always being updated and porting, reeds, every year was a change.

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Guys say they wont pay over 10,000 for a new bike, ive even talked to riders who will say they will NEVER ever buy a new bike they think buying a used 2007 is so much smarter. At the same time these people are bragging about paying 15K markup over retail ... more »

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What about the Motoworld episode for this race? Dang this is an old thread. Maybe someday the video will be posted to this thread. There was a cable access video for Castaic lake mx 1995 does anyone have that tape?

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I had some actual works Kawasaki cylinders and pipes, i listed on ebay and didn’t sell any of it. And my prices werent high

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One does not actually BUY Amsoil. They will make you a dealer. Amsoil dealers are on every block in every garage lol. Why would you buy Amsoil ? Just become an Amsoil dealer. You obviously dont need a store

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When wives get upset about men spending money on their bikes, I say that men are gonna spend money somewhere, some go to casinos and gamble it away, some go to bars. Motorcycles arent so bad !

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The word used is galling. The metal on the cam is galled

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Well remember its TALL riders who excel on the 450 Yammy. Isnt that right Aaron P?