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I think GuyB is trying to set a certain standard of quality on vital. I think it’s appreciated even if people dont realize it! It makes vital what it is

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they are releasing the 110 in july. And its gonna be called KLX110R and RL

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Kawasaki said at their dealer meeting in november 19 that they saw key areas of growth in off road and they said theyre going to become #1 in offroad. And the japanese dont say that if they dont mean it

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That pricing scheme is awesome. Jack it waaay up and then discount to a reality price and it looks like youre getting an awesome deal. $90 for a hoody? Haha

Added reply in a thread 2020 Kx 450 (bran new) smoking on first start up 5/22/2020 10:22 PM

the kx450 has super slippery rings for less friction. until it breaks in, you will see and smell oil coming out the muffler when you blip the throttle good. its normal for this bike. it will go away after break in. this knowledge made me decide to slowly ... more »

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He said he did it for the first time? And you believed that

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New bikes will be revealed to the public in july, arriving at dealers afterward. Thats what someone in the industry told me

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How about before and after pics?

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People on here are complaining about e start? Please write a letter to mxa and let them know your thoughts. Why didnt you speak up when the mx media was bullying companies about not having e start?

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You gotta ask yourself how much less does it cost Suzuki to make an RMZ450 than Yamaha or Kaw or Hon to make theirs? Not much less. An example of a $5500 dirt bike is Kawasakis new 20 KLX300! Nowhere near the tech of an RMZ.

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mxa and some vitards hated air forks. But then ktm got air forks! Now, these guys like the air fork? How convenient. I guarantee you, once ktm gets an aluminum frame, and they will, mxa will say well now the aluminum frame is the best and steel sucked. ... more »

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KTM does need money

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The only people who can answer this question is the dealership. Ask them. Or just dont buy from them. A lot of shops, actually most of them, are not putting food on the table for a family. Many many shops are just tax write offs for some mega rich person ... more »

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I bet she felt so dumb over that

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Hey i have a ton of old dirt digits numbers ill sell them all for cheap

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do you realize that 110s are a big ass fad like Harleys were after sons of anarchy? Im not joking. This dork i know sold his lameass harley that he only bought because of twitchs videos and bought a new klx110 because ... of twitchs videos. Is that lame? ... more »

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Keefer said to jump off a cliff and everyone on vital jumped off the cliff

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Problem with 350 is that it isnt as fast as a 450, and it still feels heavier than a 250. Why not just ride a 450? Theyre so easy to ride. Wide powerband and forgiving

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If GuyB posted this would you guys be so negative? Or if MLindsay did? Vitalmx (high school) popularity is funny

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What are these guys saying that Suzuki is not putting any money into mx? They had a new 250 just last year! Even threw dual fuel injection on it. They made a bad decision by not doing e start, but theyre still selling bikes. The dealer i know sells less ... more »