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The prices of homes in socal are stupid. I just bought a house in Montclair it was $700,000 and seriously its a run down POS that in Fresno wouldnt be $200,000

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Usually the smaller the shop, the better you feel after you buy something from them. You probably get to talk to the owner, as hes the salesman, you get a better deal because less overhead, and your money is making a difference to a family rather than ... more »

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I think Go Pro WANTS them on top of the helmet. So you know at a glance they have one on. Sells product. Its like a status symbol.

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Just watched the Geneva race and wow does Martin gel with that bike. He had Brayton and Barcia covered in speed and consistency, starts, everything. I wish PC wouldve gave him a ride on that 450. Like mitch doesnt have enough money to do it. 😤

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Why are you saying japanese? Its a yamaha. Thats like telling all European manufacturers to change to decent rims just because ktms have garbage quality rims

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Its like this: finding out something you wanted forever was sold and you werent even offered to buy it, and you totally have the money and wanted it, just never even knew it was for sale.

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That R is important. Dont forget the r. I got a 250R. Ninja 250R

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I put on a pair of Sidi Crossfires and they actually hurt my foot immediately. Felt like crap. They were so hard and uncomfortable inside.

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You cant f with someone who catches you and passes you mosiman And not expect to get put in your place. forkner left out one move, the middle finger. I had a dude run me off the track after passing him clean and i had words and wanted to beat his ass ... more »

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Pre-empted! Feels like 1994 again except it was always hockey then

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this guys from Japan? Is he a factory kawi guy there?

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Dont get Tusk. Everyone in here talks about making a statement with the money you spend. Tusk is chinese stuff, sold online. The motorcycle industry doesnt benefit at all, especially not your local scene. If you buy some good wheels from Dubya, everyone ... more »

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is it $75? I thought it was as low as 20 if you just pick SX to watch?

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the problem was how LONG they showed her. It went from neat moment to a little awkward to awkward. Cianciarulo had gotten closer to Barcia but fell and Tomac finally passed Osborne and yes i wanted to see those racing incidents

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Reed was always podiuming or winning with the flu, broken collarbones dislocated shoulders etc

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It looks like Jett lawrence ran into one of the mechanics while he was getting his brake fixed? I wonder if that guys arm got jacked up

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Reed got his ass kicked by Stewart on a 2002 KX125. Not a great bike at all

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I just dont get the Flavor of The Month crowd. “Whats winning the shootout? What is bike of the year???” And they buy whatever MXA tells them to. Or Keefer. I think brand loyalty is actually really a cool thing

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In Cooper Webb’s interview before the SX, he said he was overshadowed so bad by AC in minis, that he couldnt get rides....what ride did he not get? Wasnt he Factory Honda?

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Tesla only exists because of all our tax money, not because Musk is smart