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If KTM is on top, why are they having to sell 18s for 8700 otd? Thats jap bike prices. Every person said they paid under msrp for the bike otd. Hmm. Ktm dealers not making any money

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My friend at Kawasaki said they wont know if he will race on Saturday until Thursday

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What the OP is referring to, is how many retired pros can get too 10s but they dont want to because they would feel like shit getting 10-15 knowing that just 3 years ago they could beat everyone. I understand what hes saying. Reed cant feel good getting ... more »

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Dont you remember a few years ago we had a bunch of riders' pants coming down, i think dean wilson, hanny? Millsaps ass was hanging out once

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That interview makes him sound like you could pay him to say anything. he says they have done "something special "with the 18 yam. Which is the same as last year but heavier. and if the Suzuki is bad then why did he sign for 18 with them in europe when ... more »

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What about when someone has a fundraiser type thing to send his kid to Lorettas or something. And these parents usually have more money than the donators. Ive always thought it seemed funny

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I read on here that Dirt Rider magazine is going to cease publication, but i just got a new issue in the mail with a subscription renewal. Whats the deal, are they actually done or what?

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I dont think KTM is using husaberg tech. They bought husaberg to shitcan the brand so no one else can sell them. Everyone copied Yamahas tech

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KTMs have ugly long mufflers too

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I was at the track bench racing, and Ohlins suspension was brought up, and Im hearing from riders that nobody liked the new shock? When did they go to a new shock that no one likes? Last i heard ohlins was THE best. Has anyone on vital tried the newer ... more »

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Why doesnt this pussy MXKing ride for the USA

Added a comment about feature Jeremy McGrath - If You Could do it Over... 12/27/2017 6:34 PM

He was being so nice about KTM. Reading between the lines, KTM lied and yanked MC around and the bike was a big POS

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Is Fasthouse the new LBZ

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Joke-eley. 100% has really taken over in sales in shops. Everyone is buying them

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Someone said Dirt Bike is safe but I would say theyre next. HiTorque also owns BMX Plus mag and they shut that down. And Transworld BMX is done, i could be wrong but i think the entire sport of bmx has no magazine in print now. Mentioning honest journalism, ... more »

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Its the boots. The reason theyre not selling the gear in the USA is because right now, Alpinestars boots go with any brand. If they have gear, the boots will be perceived to not match other gear brands.

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Are the moon rocks still taped to the subframe?

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I remember when you could buy a new 2007 KX250 2 stroke for 4295$. And the dealer sat on it for a couple years at that price even

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If KTM is rebuilding "window'd" engines, why cant they take back this guys part? Doesnt make any sense

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And people say 2 strokes need to come back? No one will pay $$ for 2 strokes. Thats why yamaha doesn't invest in an all new bike