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Hes not worried about staying healthy, you dont try to holeshot a pro national if youre scared. His conditioning is shit, but why?

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Kawi has been running the narrow grips for a while. You know what side benefit they have? And i wonder if this is why they are narrow: they make you place your hands more at the end of the bars, which riding coaches tell you to do, not choke up on the ... more »

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He looked scared on the Husky never rode it for shit even though he was supposedly riding into shape. He never gelled with the Husky and i dont know why he didnt say it he loves to blame his bikes. Why would Chad race, he's getting passed by guys like ... more »

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So slower rider are obliged to stay out of pros way? They didnt pay the same amount of money to ride?

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Tuesday or Wednesday look for the press release from Suzuki on all the mx sites about the 19s

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Im anti everything bro !! Q: just what are you rebelling against? A: well what do you got? Seriously though, i think theres no prestige in Tusk wheels. I see a bike with them and im not impressed.

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Was there 4 issues? If so i have all 4. Theres a Bradshaw article that is so awesome. Bradshaw says magazines are just bullshit and unless you kiss their ass they dont like you. He says the shootouts are bogus, whoever kisses the most ass or pays. Its ... more »

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I bet the owners of Dubya are cringing at this thread. Why buy their expensive wheels when MXA says Tusk is just as good? Dubya stop giving MXA your money!

Started new thread 2 vs 4 stroke 7/5/2018 8:32 PM

It seems that to want a two stroke you either have to be so slow that it doesn't matter that youre at a disadvantage, or so fast that it doesn't matter what bike youre on , you still pass everyone. If youre an average rider, riding a two stroke definitely ... more »

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Alta owners are like Prius owners.

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If you cant boo people, then you better not cheer either. Marvin might get offended if he doesn't get as many cheers as Tomac, so lets all agree to just mildly clap for each rider equally.....and btw, where are the transgender bathrooms at the Wick? ... more »

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Suzuki is presenting the 19s to the public in july. And the 250 will be all new and the engine will have a lot of upgrades. It wont be a radical new engine like the KX450 but it will be changed from 18, more power

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If Tomac gets on the 19 this summer and wins that will sell bikes! But what if that was the one race that he had bad luck and got 2nd or worse. Pit pundits would talk

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I was guilty too

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If you guys think there are trolls and assholes on vital, vital has nothing on ronron. Way worse dickheads on ronron

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Forget Jokeley. Buy 100% goggles or Scott

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You guys are all referring to the bigger multi line big money shops. They give bad customer service and staffed by douches. You need to find the smaller shops, maybe only one or two brands, family run, and often times you get helped by the owner. Ive ... more »

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I cant see Webb at stuffy KTM. I definitely can picture him with JGR on the east coast perfect fit

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hmmm i want Eli or Alex on my team. Cant decide hmm....Hero status because Alex Martin crashed? Ive seen 80 beginners spaz out too