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nobody, I didn't start racing moto until I hit 30 and at that age, even the future stars that were on 85's were faster than me and all the other vet guys....

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my perspective from living <5mi from Anaheim stadium for past 20 years is this: 100% chance of rain = 50/50 chance 75% chance of rain = 25% chance anything less than 55% chance of rain = no rain. Also, add 12 to 24 hours to the approximate time rain ... more »

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i really feel like milestone is screwing us all here. the game only came out a year ago and now we're being talked into buying essentially the same game over again only to gain eli tomac and 2018 tracks. they should have done the right thing and just...more

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maybe they need more time to figure the TV/Media coverage because of the potential to bring back the old Mickey Thompson Off Road championship formats with other vehicles racing along with the bikes. I've heard there's a very real possibility of having ... more »

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I live a few miles from the stadium and this story has been on the local news.The title of this thread is not accurate, and our local news - to my surprise - was at least responsible enough to say "this does NOT mean the Angels are leaving the stadium".

... more »
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Not that anyone should care much, just a VET B class guy perspective, but i'll share my experience from riding the new Alta MXR at Glen Helen, and I rode the crap out of the bike, pushed it as hard as my average-guy could. There's 4 modes/maps on the ... more »

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Rode a full day in a Bell Moto 9 and immediately noticed how loud everything sounded compared to a 6D. So I tried on an older Shoei VFX-Air and then my 6D, and the Bell had substantial more engine/wind noise. I don't know if that's good or bad, just ... more »

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I raced the Clydesdale class and got 3rd first Moto, it’s for racers 220lb and over. No age or skill restrictions. They had cool trophies, damn I wanted one but couldn’t stay until 5-6PM on Sunday for the 3rd Moto.

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Raced the Transworld TransAM VET Classic at Glen Helen this past weekend. Very fun track, not too difficult, on par with the World VET Championship layout. Anyway, I had McGrath go by me in practice like I had a Steinway & Sons hooked up to my rear

... more »

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450 Roster Eli Tomac ( Tier A ) Justin Bogle ( Tier B ) Alex Ray ( Tier C ) Adam Enticknap ( Fill in ) 250 Roster Zach Osborne ( Tier A ) Adam Cianciarulo ( Tier A ) Phil Nicoletti ( Tier B ) Chase Sexton ( Tier B ) Kyle Chisholm ( Fill in )

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I met Tom White not long after he called me an "idiot" in front of 1,000+ spectators.... ...while announcing the 2005-06? Adelanto Grand Prix, I was leading the race on lap 1 and stopped at the infamous water jump, threw my goggles into the crowd and ... more »

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i came here to see the butterfly in the opening pic

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Clicked on link. Ended up watching this suggested video instead.

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heard he passed but the source may have got info from a fake news site. Not sure whats up.

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Emig meant to say "check Houston, 97"

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with all the flak Vital MX gets, there's posts like this, where the community cares enough to follow-up and update that almost redeem it's self as a great community. Almost... Doug

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The suggestion to call was to seek information about the technology on a product that is most important to your safety. 6D has a ton of scientific data to support their safety claims and much of it is unbiased, using the same testing methods as the other ... more »

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Long time Shoei rider, switched to 6D about 3-4 years ago because I believed in the new technology they had to offer. Seems to me for years the helmet manufacturers lead with cool new paint schemes and bling. Safety was a 2nd or 3rd priority/concern ... more »