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Not that anyone should care much, just a VET B class guy perspective, but i'll share my experience from riding the new Alta MXR at Glen Helen, and I rode the crap out of the bike, pushed it as hard as my average-guy could. There's 4 modes/maps on the ... more »

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Rode a full day in a Bell Moto 9 and immediately noticed how loud everything sounded compared to a 6D. So I tried on an older Shoei VFX-Air and then my 6D, and the Bell had substantial more engine/wind noise. I don't know if that's good or bad, just ... more »

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I raced the Clydesdale class and got 3rd first Moto, it’s for racers 220lb and over. No age or skill restrictions. They had cool trophies, damn I wanted one but couldn’t stay until 5-6PM on Sunday for the 3rd Moto.

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Raced the Transworld TransAM VET Classic at Glen Helen this past weekend. Very fun track, not too difficult, on par with the World VET Championship layout. Anyway, I had McGrath go by me in practice like I had a Steinway & Sons hooked up to my rear

... more »

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450 Roster Eli Tomac ( Tier A ) Justin Bogle ( Tier B ) Alex Ray ( Tier C ) Adam Enticknap ( Fill in ) 250 Roster Zach Osborne ( Tier A ) Adam Cianciarulo ( Tier A ) Phil Nicoletti ( Tier B ) Chase Sexton ( Tier B ) Kyle Chisholm ( Fill in )

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I met Tom White not long after he called me an "idiot" in front of 1,000+ spectators.... ...while announcing the 2005-06? Adelanto Grand Prix, I was leading the race on lap 1 and stopped at the infamous water jump, threw my goggles into the crowd and ... more »

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i came here to see the butterfly in the opening pic

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Clicked on link. Ended up watching this suggested video instead.

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heard he passed but the source may have got info from a fake news site. Not sure whats up.

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Emig meant to say "check Houston, 97"

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with all the flak Vital MX gets, there's posts like this, where the community cares enough to follow-up and update that almost redeem it's self as a great community. Almost... Doug

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The suggestion to call was to seek information about the technology on a product that is most important to your safety. 6D has a ton of scientific data to support their safety claims and much of it is unbiased, using the same testing methods as the other ... more »

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Long time Shoei rider, switched to 6D about 3-4 years ago because I believed in the new technology they had to offer. Seems to me for years the helmet manufacturers lead with cool new paint schemes and bling. Safety was a 2nd or 3rd priority/concern ... more »

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Give 6D a call. They're great at explaining their technology and what makes their helmet very different.

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Did you build the motor or have someone else do it? Curious to know if you installed the updated two-hole oil sprayer? I've heard it's not "mandatory" but highly recommended. thx

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+1 - enjoyed it all.

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looks like Hill was expecting an aggressive pass and decided to submit the turn and pass him later...

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Re: Taft telling Anderson Are you sure? I happen to be in the tunnel, standing near Anderson's bike/mechanic when Anderson walked up, helmet/goggles on ready to go when his mechanic said something to him that made him go ballistic. He was literally jumping ... more »