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I had been e-mailing kelvin and knew he was sick. I was sorry to hear that he passed away. I worked for kelvin for 5 years (got fired about 5 times too). it was cool to see 4130 tubing come into the shop and watch kelvin bend it into a frame then produce ... more »

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To wownd out, you write that you hate all the "bullshit talking on other people" but, you had to tell us about being with a girl that ended up having a kid later with someone else. if that's some misguided attempt at convincing us (or yourself) about ... more »

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Remember Don Emler's Penda? there's a guy in this photo that built one that was a lot cleaner (my opinion). hmm, who is it??

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What has happened to James Stewart. 2012 maybe? although the way Villopoto was riding I'm not sure Stewart would have had anything for him. Dungey did great. especially with the little time he had on the KTM. with 2 1/2 mos. more of testing he's going to be the man to beat in 2012. be nice to see a european bike with a #1 plate in America.

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for me he's one of the great ones. a kind of blue collar and natural talent mix. I saw him on his maico riding for american moto cross. a shop on orangethorpe in buena park. he was a CMC regular. I remember sitting under the scoring tower at saddleback ... more »

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I don't know. let's see. yamaha front wheel. gunnar gasser throttle. looks like a clone to me. no offense.

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I just read a test article on the TM in Motorcyclist. sounds pretty neat. has all the trick stuff. good price too. dare to be different.

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I don't get the prices on pipes and or silencers. a thousand for a complete exhaust for a 450. six forty nine for a silencer. I know a lot goes into these things and materials cost but, c'mon these prices are out of line. how about aluminum tubing for ... more »

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those kawi's were pretty cool. my friend had a red 120. I believe it came from the factory as a non street legal scrambler model. it had a pipe that ran up the side of the bike. pretty fast too. I also raced at osteen's on my sachs 125. lotta off camber.

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  • C48_puch_works_riders

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you need a KOBA shift kit. oh, and a crystal ball as KOBA hasn't been around for 30-35 yrs. KOBA is steve KOlseth and walt BAird. KO BA. steve worked at a machine shop in gardena making, get this, memory disc's for computers. steve and walt came up with ... more »

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I worked there welding pipes. sat next to cliff lett welding our asses off. steve and bob haag and bob oliver were grinding clys. tony rogers was the mgr. jim macdonald (mac) was our boss in the pipe making. lotta talent floated in and out of that shop. ... more »

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how about marty tripes on a rickman montesa at osteen's cycle park.

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i have a gang of old mags. I'll look.

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he's humble and the fan's adhere to that. so do I. I had actually lost a little interest in keeping up with the outdoors when he announced he was done after maryland. windham is back and I'm re-energized. good luck #14.

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ok guy's here's a name that will bring back some memories. Jeff Vidic. hyper little dude on a fast maico. it was always him and his dad at the races. he wore the tan leathers with a white jersey/sweat shirt. also wore the wht. full face helmet. I don't ... more »

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I haven't raced for a long time but would like to again. I'm in so-cal. is there any 2strk. classes for vets? I just can't get into 4 strks. i know they have came a long way but, how is the reliability? lotta parts moving around in those motors. let ... more »

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I'm 56 yrs. young. raced a lot in the 70's and 80's. I still ride but it's on the street w/my harley. I really miss racing. I'd love to get back into it again but I don't like 4 strks. I guess to ride or race these day's (esp. race) it has to be a 4 ... more »

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what ever happened to helen moletta. the little surfer girl with the blue vw station wagon.

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pro fab was a good shop. very reasonable. I had my 74 red frame cz 400 done there. they moved the shocks foward on the top and bottom for like 95 dollars. even shot some red paint on their work.