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Looks like the daisy duke's guy might be Tony Griffis, a SC attorney.

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thinking the same thing every august. best racing memories for sure. '94-'05

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KROC...and McDade is no slacker on a bike.

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Results link near top of page

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Trick zingers at New Hope Farms (might have been a one off race) '94-'95 L-R Mills (99), Lawrence (2n) Plummer (T) - Ryan's dad in the Carhardt, me in an already outdated Fox closeout jacket. Seems like a long freekin time ago but those YZ's hauled at

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He's just riding a few different places (VA, NC, GA, FL) as he travels south from NJ. He's not looking to make any comeback, just riding and having fun that he hasn't had in years.

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Actually had the honor of hanging with Joel for a few days in the early 90's somewhere near Charlerois (sp?). Hit all the tourist stuff then a few bars and a couple back alleys. Where ever we went he was treated like a king. Some great sories, strange ... more »

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I'd guess the 2010 announcement is coming....jlaw hates flarider? actually just the opposite.

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TerryK 1st post Jlaw 31st

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For sure. Congrats John & Steph. Knew it was coming. Just a matter of time. And on a 450 too. Nice. Don

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AMA!!! You really need to stop this shit. Lawrence accidentally jumped the gate, realized what happened and pulled off to the right and let everyone go. Bullshit move by your egotistical officials again. BTW AMA, should a penalty be more severe for jumping ... more »

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Well I'll tell ya what. There's two Lawrence items I don't have.

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A good flik and a few similarities

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you know...he didn't come into this with any self created hype. weeks ago he said he wanted to get some experience on the 450's in the sx class this year. he said he was hoping for a top 10 but 7th would have been good. he said he wasn't going to interfere ... more »

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hit the cross bar. didn't go down. pulled off.