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JMart was standing on a milk crate ...

(Joking, huge JMart fan!)
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From that account with the peas, how the fuck does TB not have a felony assault on his record with substantial jail time. His dad actions were criminal too, but to a way lesser degree. Bowers is a punk. His dad is a piece of shit too I hope he reads ... more »

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Rebuild Kit

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The fact it wouldnt kick over says hydo lock, but that wouldnt happen after an unwanted shutdown. then by turning the rear wheel (in gear?) freeing it up points to kick start mechanism? Dont think stuck valve or skipping a tooth cuz those dont fix themselves ... more »

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Give him ..... ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Lol. Jesus Suzuki, they loose Decoster in the late 70s, MC in the late 90s and Decoster again in 2010. I like zooks but the management in Japan ain't so great. But The Man is a Legend.

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The guy is going to be "hands on" thats for sure. JMart and Dungy might work well together. Minnesota boys and all.

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better on the magnet then circulating around in the engine I guess ... run it!

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I know it's because he was young but his voice sounds like he had just inhaled helium. Ricky I mean....

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Not familiar with the LA area. Planning on going to A2 Jan 18th. Anybody have any favorite Hotel or an area for a hotel around there? Flying out of LAX the following day @3pm so maybe west of the stadium a bit?

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Corners like Marty Smith, (google it) photo ROCKS!!

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The title thing is good piece of mind but ALSO a revenue generator for each state. Only required if big brother says its required. Oh, my lawnmower dont have no stinkin title, should I be worried?

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Popcorn please ......

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maybe even swap lever/perch too? Good ideas rob162. I work on aircraft and swapping parts to see if the symptom follows or not has saved my ass dozens of times over the years.

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I wouldnt run an engine too hard if I suspected there was gas in the oil. It will flash off when it gets hot, but with a gas$oil mix you might do some damage. carb engines are ez to troubleshoot that, never messed with fuel injected engines with that ... more »

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Wonder if it had to do with the nearby church at the Cambridge track? Back in the 70s we couldn't even start engines or begin practice till 12:00 noon at Cambridge. Raced on Sundays back then. Cant believe we got all the racing in. Anybody remember that?

... more »
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Your using Delo 15w-40 as a premix oil for a two stroke? I wouldn't even put that in my weed wacker. Haha Good oil for a 2 stroker tranny though.

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Haha, exactly what I was thinking

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Cant believe this is even debatable.... Hot. Pull the plug 30 seconds after shutdown. Its not to get more oil out, its to get suspended contaminants out. I lean the bike both ways after it stops flowing too, but thats just me.