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I began switching my front brake levers on my bicycles when I was 13, by then a motorcycle was more common to ride than a bike.

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I think the sad but true fact is the lack of respect and maturity many people display these days. I sold motorcycles for over 40 years and in the last 10, I've learned that people lack integrity a lot of the time.

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I sold and sometimes installed 100's of Wiseco pistons, really cannot remember and issues attributed to the Wiseco piston. I have had 2 or 3 Vertex pistons crack after some use.

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Anyone having issues with hydraulic clutch, make sure the fluid in the system is clean and properly bled. If air gets in the system, with use it heats up and expands, which can lead to reducing free play in the system to zero or less than zero. So as ... more »

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Bikes are a commodity, market conditions influence prices greatly. Right now, we are seeing a price "bubble", it is bound to bust at some time in the future, who knows what will happen then.

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We started to see this measurement needed 20 some years ago on street bikes, it is a fool-proof method of setting up a clutch.

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Thank you for being part of this sport Marty, enjoy retirement!

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Try to buy from your dealer, they may have what you need in stock. Parts Unlimited is still one day service to most dealers as well, at least last week they were.

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Actually, they were the first ones to the market with side by side vehicles, the first one was 1988.

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I'm glad someone mentioned Tyran motorcycles, there was a guy in my town that sold them '73ish. I believe at least one of them are still around.

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We built a 270cc Quadsport 30 years ago, we used a megacycle cam, maybe a JE piston. I had to bore the stock sleeve out (cast in) and re sleeve the cylinder. Did a bit of port work, larger carb, it ran very well.

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I remember several years ago (Honda 450 days), he was wheeling all the whoops at one SX race.

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That was how We sold them, sale price, tax, and title. That's it. And you know how well it worked? Not worth a damn. All the "ad-on" dealers advertise at a lower price and the customer's were not smart enough to figure it out. They walked out paying ... more »

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I just retired as a dealer after 40+ years, what used to be a fun industry that you could make an ok at best living to a a place I no longer liked as margins on bikes went to nothing, everybody buying parts and accessories on line, and doing youtube ... more »

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I expected no less from Kenny, he is a class-act through and through. And Dean was on point owning his mistake as well. Two awesome racers for sure!

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This is just my off road motorcycle list, street bikes and ATV's are way over 100. 5hp mini bike 1967 Sears 106 1969 Z50 1972 Allsport Steen X100 (brand new) 1973 Penton Jackpiner 175 (my favorite) 1980 KLX250 (all White Bros parts in the engine) 1975 ... more »

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Man, White Bros was the best back in the day! I started buying from them in 1980 as a dealer (and used their parts on my bikes as well). their catalog was not much more than a flyer at the time. We bought tons of suspension parts from them, mostly shock ... more »

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I worked in a bike shop for 40+ years, I could never see much difference between the 4 brands as far as quality or failure rates. It was always hit and miss as far as problems go, every brand had a stinker every now and then. A few that come to mind: ... more »

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For around $200, you can buy the adapters, they would pay for them selves pretty quickly if you have the machine already.