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i got the ankle saver pegs on and rode on sunday, what a difference they make, no more painful landings and i must have doubled my speed in the whoops, kept comming into the corner after way hotter than normal, almost blew past a few times lol.

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bought a pair of tech 10's (was wearing tech 8) and they made a very noticible difference, waiting on the mounting hardware for the ankle saver pegs which should be here tomorrow, i will give a review after i try them on snday.

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no typo, the honda service manual says Cylinder compression 598 kPa (6.1 kgf/cm2, 87 psi) at cranking. my test showed 91 psi.

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i have a 2016 crf250r i bought new, it has 57 hours on it currently. the book says top end at 20 hours under race conditions. i race but its my first year and i am very slow, never rev limit, roll jumps so on. I check the valve clearence every 10 hours ... more »

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i ordered a pair, just waiting on the mounting hardware.

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i sustained an ankle injury that has left me with little movement in my ankle. i have had a hard time with landings due to this, any landing thats flat or somewhat hard is painful. what can i do to minimize the pain during landings?

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Air EXP Ankle-Savers


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never put much thought into but i do use power purple degreaser to clean the bike and i spray the grips as well, i will look and see if the degreaser is some how compromising the grip. Acidreamer you may be onto something with my grip as well, i will ... more »

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does anyone else have problems with their grips being to sticky? i ocasionally get close to a whiskey throttle do to my gloves sticking to the grip to much. I am currently using emig grips on both my bikes.

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