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I’ve always felt that footpegs make a huge difference in how comfortable I feel on my bike, as they can inspire confidence on jumps and through the corners. Recently, I’d been running some cheap knockoff brand footpegs on my 2015 KTM 250SX-F, and decided it was time to upgrade. Since I'd been a huge fan of the Fastway brand pegs that I'd used on my last three bikes, I decided to give them another shot. But this go-around, I decided to try a set with the new AnkleSavers design. With the AnkleSavers, this is the first time I’ve been interested to see how a footpeg might help prevent injuries when making some common—at least to me—mistakes while riding.

Fastway Air/EXT AnkleSavers Footpeg Overview:

  • Provides new stability and control in various conditions.
  • Larger platform with rear support to help prevent slipping.
  • Functions as a guard for items like rocks and roots that pop up under your boot.
  • Adjustable stud heights for desired foot position.
  • Adjustable pitch angles for the footpegs.
  • MSRP - $274.99.

First Impressions

At first sight, these footpegs were definitely unlike any I'd ever seen before. With the extended rear platform, they're specially designed to help alleviate issues like slipping off the pegs or hurting your ankles in ruts. They also provide added support if you over-jump, or come up short on an obstacle. For these newly released footpegs, AnkleSavers partnered up with Fastway and produced an even better set of pegs than their predecessors. By just looking at the pegs, you can tell they spared no expense in machining, just like the previous Fastway products I'd tried.

The AnkleSaver pegs came with quite a few bags of parts and pieces. While they weren’t the most clearly labeled, they was easy enough to figure out where they went once I sorted them out on top of my stand while installing them at the track. The total installation took about 15 minutes, primarily because I had forgotten a washer on both pegs and had to take them back off. The fitment was good, but I did have to use a few taps of the hammer in order to persuade them to fit in the bracket on my KTM frame. I think the two coolest features on these footpegs are the two different length studs they provide to change the cleat height, as well as the ability to adjust the pitch of the footpeg. This helps either point your feet in or out while riding. After seeing this, I think all pegs should have this functionality.

On the Track

After installing the footpegs, I felt certain that I was going to feel the back portion of the AnkleSaver extension dragging in ruts or becoming an interference while riding. As soon as I got onto the track, the first thing I noticed was the classic Fastway traction these pegs offered. These footpegs don’t actually look very large, but the added traction from the pints makes the pegs feel like they offer as large a platform as any footpeg out there.

My initial suspicions about the AnkleSavers on the track were wrong. There was no dragging in corners, or any awkward feedback under my boots when riding. In fact, these pegs felt great. Even more so, I noticed the added security and stability that was evident when I had over-jumped a large step-up and when I had come into corners maybe a bit too fast, leaning off the back of the bike. Like I said earlier, one of the coolest features these footpegs have is the ability to adjust the angle of the pegs in relation to the frame. This made a huge difference in regards to helping me keep my toes pointed inwards while putting in laps. This is something I’ve been trying to work on lately, and these pegs help accomplish that toe-in body position with little resistance. I spent some time playing with the long and short stud placements on the pegs, ultimately settling on the shorter studs in the front portion of the peg and the longer studs in the rear portion of the peg. I like the way this assisted me in staying over the front of the bike under acceleration and in corners.

Long-Term Durability

These footpegs have about ten rides on them so far, and I have taken them through super-rocky and technical singletrack terrain up in the Sierras, as well as some laps on the motocross tracks around my area. I haven’t ever experienced a faulty aftermarket set of footpegs, and I don’t see the AnkleSavers being any different. They're a very well-constructed product that is made in USA. The packaging came with Loctite, and I haven’t had to tighten or replace any studs that have backed out or become loose since the install.

The Last Word

I think it's great when someone takes an existing idea, then figures out a whole new way to enhance and design the product for the consumer. AnkleSavers partnering with Fastway did exactly that. So if you’re in the market for a high-end set of pegs and are looking for some extra protection, you could get some that just might help you on the track, while keeping you off of those dusty crutches in the garage. Overall, the pegs are great and while they're lighter than the standard AnkleSavers, they're still heavier than most of the choices on the market and also are priced in the "titanium uber-trick" zone. This, along with the slightly tough install of the pins, marked them down just a bit and brought in at a four star rating.

Vital MX Rating: Four Stars - Excellent

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About the Test Rider

Shelby Paget - is a ginger that has been rockin' two wheels since he was three years old. Growing up riding singletrack and trails in the hills of NorCal with his brother and Dad until he got his first taste of the Motocross Racing scene at 14. He's been hooked ever since! Whether he's working on looking better than he really is for the camera or doing cartwheels down the straights, he's always looking forward to getting back on two wheels whenever he gets the chance. This 5'11", 150 pound ginger will be riding as long as he has a wrist to twist!

Written by Shelby Paget // Photos by Tyler Paget


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I can't say anything good
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I ordered the ankle saver classics from ankle savers website a week ago, I have yet to receive any sort of confirmation. I have sent 3 emails via the contact on their website and have had no response there either, all that has happend is them taking money from my credit card
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Overall I would not recommend you buy directly from ankle savers.I can' give 0 stars or I would.


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