YZ 250 2.0 4

Bike of the Day! 12-12-17
Bike of the Day! 12-12-17 MX3s tire combo. Only the best. Polished front brake with Sunline lever. Freshly greased and ready to rip. Rear hanger all cleaned and ready for new lines and fluid. Powder coated OEM hubs and hoops with Tusk black spokes. Powder coated OEM hubs and hoops with Tusk black spokes. Polished and clean Wheels laced and being trued. Powder coated OEM hubs and hoops with Tusk black spokes. Legos. OEM rotor on EBC pads. YZ tranny's are such a pain to get back in the cases. Thanks to zip ties and rubber bands you can drop them right in and then cut them away. OEM rear rotor to be replaced soon. Ran out of funds ;) Motor all in and ready to be torqued down. It lives! Just waiting on fresh Throttle Jockey graphics to bring it all to life. The build is complete and waiting on the graphics. Throttle Jockey always goes above and beyond. Great graphics.  Almost done with graphics. Headed to rip this thing.
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General Info Additional Info
Model Year 2006
Brand Yamaha
Model YZ
Engine Size 250
Engine Type 2-Stroke
Parts Brand Model Additional info
Graphics Throttle Jockey
Plastic Cycra
Handlebar Mika Metals
Grips ODI
Clutch Lever Sunline
Brake Lever Sunline
Seat Other
Footpegs Other
Exhaust FMF
Clutch GYTR
Piston Other
Air Filter Twin Air
Air Intake Moto Tassinari
Triple Clamps Applied
Fork Kayaba
Tires Dunlop
Rims Other
Hubs Other
Sprockets Sunstar
Chain DID
Brakes Other
Brake Pads EBC
Additional Info This was purchased on Craigslist and ridden for a month before the entire motor decided it was done. A full top and bottom end was put in as well as an end to end service and cleaning. New bearings and lube all the way around as well as cosmetic improvements made this the most in-depth rebuild for me to date. Long live 2-strokes!
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