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You & I probley race together! I raced CMC from 74'-82' started on a Penton 250 & then switched to the open class in 76' on Maico's it's was Carlsbad or Saddleback every other weekend & Ascot, Irwindale during the week!

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Bottom of Sadlebacks start hill?

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Spoke whit a friend & he called me a dumb shit! Said that I needed to clean the hell outta the chain & derailleur, I told him I was. He said it's not clean enough & that the derailleur was gummed up & sticking, So I got a brush & ... more »

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Sam, Take a look here Marks Vintage You can also check out Vintage dirt bike buy & sell on Facebook.

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TBtem, I would suggest contacting Mr. Newmann. I know he has one of Johnny O's old Mugen's & he should be able to get any info you need.

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Oscottie: Bro sounds like your in a hell of a fight! Keep fighting & you will get there! I know it sucks at times, but we all have your back if you need us! I think most of us know how tough it can be mentally. I know that you will overcome this! ... more »

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FYI: The Sharps 45/90 isn't a muzzle loader, it's a Cartridge rifle that uses Black Powder & a 500Gr + lead bullet! I have a 45/70 Remington rolling block reproduction that use a BP cartridge. So I do know a little about long range shooting with ... more »

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it's not meant as anything but a little humor! Don't take it too seriously! It just seems that everyone has a tag put on them by someone, you can get mad about or do as I do . Just ignore the tag & go on with my life. If GuyB clicks it so be it!

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As a man, I used to think I was a regular person, but I was born white, which now, whether I like it or not, makes me a racist & responsible for slavery I am a fiscal & moral conservative, which by today's standards, makes me a fascist because ... more »

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Dcross, Yes at 63 y.o. Doc said he'd only remove it if it broke again or it caused a reaction! I guess I'm good to go, it's been 6 months with no

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Compound fracture of the left wrist! Wrist plated & then the plate broke! had the plate removed & a new one installed by a different Doctor due to the medical network I'm in. He did a great job! I was lucky I've got 98% movement back, just need ... more »

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I have a set on my 14.5 450 FE. Stock they were pretty bad, I had Kreft re-valve them for MX & they work really good. But I see your in Great Britain, So I don't know ho is able to fix them on your side of the big pond! You could check whit the guys ... more »

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Looks a lot like a 67' YL2C

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Gang: It's been a tough day for me, I got bad news that my riding\racing partner had a major heart attack & didn't make it! Ron was one of the very first guys I meet when I move to Texas & started racing Vintage MX. He was like a brother to me. ... more »

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Roosting & getting roosted by your riding bud's!

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Blackjack31: The only way to find a pair that fits to your liking it to try on several different brands & see what fits you! We're all built different, so Joe blow tell you that brand XYZ is for you won't work!

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81 Maico 490 at Saddleback! Brand New AXO boots & a Bell moto 3
Updated photo album bigmaico's album 7/29/2019 1:55 PM

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I ride with Drew, Saw him & his wife Friday night with our riding buddies. He’s doing well, still fast & in great shape. He works for the State prison in Huntsville Tx Great guy to have as a friend.

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OK Guy's! Sorry to reboot an old post, but I still need a little help! Just got back on my feet after a BIG tree smacking digger & I'm finely getting back to working on the old Husky ! Got the the bottom end seals changed & new top end on the ... more »