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Captmoto, I've got the shocks covered, Marty Tripes gave me a few sets of Ohlins remote piggy backs that need to be rebuilt. They were going to go on a friends Honda, But he quit riding So I inherited them. If I remember right they are 17" eye to eye. ... more »

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TTperra, Unfortunately the engine tag is gone, probley when that sandblasted the engine to paint it Silver. Frame number is there but no letters to tell me if it's a Cr, Wr or Xc. Also looks like the kick start is from a different model, doesn't tuck ... more »

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Andy is that you?? Where the heck have you been? Howard

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Anniebertmojo, Thanks for the picture! from looking at the pic I can see that the air-box & pipe is the same & the of the forks above triples tell me that it's a 1980 250. It's has a 3 wire Motoplat, Black,Blue & yellow. So I'm amusing it ... more »

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Paw Paw, I was planing on doing that this morning, But the Friend that gave me the Husky said to grab my modern Bike & meet him at Rio Bravo for some fun. I couldn't refuse, Beside I need seat time. I'll try & get it posted up at Cafe Husky, ... more »

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Here in Houston, They were (sp) told not to do this during class time only before school or after or suffer a in school suspension!

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OK Guy's, My friend just left me this Husky 250, I'm not a Husky Guru. More of a Maico \Cz guyl But here's what I do know, it's a 6 speed 250, I think it's a 81/82 model with a 17" rear wheel. At one time the front forks & the silencer were gold.

... more »

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Dan it I just lost my lunch!

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Wash the heavy mud/dirt off. Let the water soak in for 5 minutes. Spray with Shout let it soak for a minute & wash off the dirt. If you have clay in your riding area you might need a scrub brush. PS: For you anal types you can use some McGuire's ... more »

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2 cars = 8 1 Lawn tractor = 4 4 Motorcycles = 8 2 Bicycles = 4 1 Wheel barrel = 1 Total = 25 I'm such a slacker compared to you

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Eric, The 4CS forks can be made to work, I'll be at Rio in the morning & you can try mine to see how they work for you. Just another option for you.

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Andrew is the only guy I trust to do my Maico cranks! He does amazing work & Maico cranks are a bitch to work on!

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What a bunch of whiny ass snot nosed kids! Try being 62 with 3 compressed veritebre in your back & still go out & do Moto! I'll even still jump on the Vintage bike once in a great while, you just have to exercise & stretch to stay sort of ... more »

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All these food post's have been making me Hungry! Planing to use my Smoker, but it's been lousy weather all month! The 2 good day's I've been trying to catch on house work & sneak in a track day at Rio bravo. The Spousal unit wants to hit Costco ... more »

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Look’s like Hill just put everyone on notice! I bet a few factory teams are kicking themselfs for not taking a chance on Hill. Anyone know when his contract is up at JGR? I have a feeling that he will keep this momentum up & be a hot commodity, time ... more »

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NorCal, The shift lever play is normal for a CZ! You have to take your foot off the peg to shift! Luckily you don't have to shift them much