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I used to race the Evo-Vintage races here in Texas. Joe was one of the Experts & rode the living crap out of his Honda Elsinore. Helped Joe when I found a few Cr 125s Worked on Maico 250 motor for him. I truly miss him. I would be honored to run ... more »

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I’m looking at getting a Bergara B14 Hunter in 6.5 Creedmoor. They will shoot Sub Moa at 100 yards, talked to a few guys that said they will shoot much better than that with hand loads. They run about $700-$900 depending on which model you choose.

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The only thing I can add is if you get the KTM, Give yourself about 10 hrs to get used to the bike! The steel frames are very different in the way they feel & react on the track. Plus KTM are a little stiff when new!

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OK time for a little pay back from when the Vitards help me through my BIG accident! Don't have a lot to give, but I've got 2 Gary Smics Videos & a couple of MX riding books that I'll send out Monday !

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Sorry , but I see 2 things wrong here! NO can of beer stuck up the bottom of the bird & no Potato wedge stuck in the neck to contain the Beer steam! Who the heck taught you how to make Beer Butt Chicken??? Just messing with ya, Actually looks good! ... more »

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So sorry for your loss! I just went thru this last week, it's been hell! But it will get better with time, learning how to deal with them not being here is tough!

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Thanks guy's, It's been a weird week, I put up some of her stuff & every time I look at where it was I get a little hearbroken. But I'll adjust to her not being here, it won't be easy. I'll remember all the good times & smile!

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Just got back from the Vet, I just had to put my dog down, she was16 & in pain even thou she didn't show it. She couldn't stand up by herself & If I helped her she would take a few steps & fall down. She quit eating & drinking 48 hours ... more »

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Man oh man that looks tasty, I can almost smell

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Joe, So Sorry to see you having to go through this crap again! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

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Yup! it was really nasty! I couldn't get out to make it to work, clowns whit small cars sunk up to the windows! All of my exits out of Kingwood were blocked by sunken cars! No water in the house, but it was coming up the driveway, more then when Harvey ... more »

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You & I probley race together! I raced CMC from 74'-82' started on a Penton 250 & then switched to the open class in 76' on Maico's it's was Carlsbad or Saddleback every other weekend & Ascot, Irwindale during the week!

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Bottom of Sadlebacks start hill?

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Spoke whit a friend & he called me a dumb shit! Said that I needed to clean the hell outta the chain & derailleur, I told him I was. He said it's not clean enough & that the derailleur was gummed up & sticking, So I got a brush & ... more »

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Sam, Take a look here Marks Vintage You can also check out Vintage dirt bike buy & sell on Facebook.

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TBtem, I would suggest contacting Mr. Newmann. I know he has one of Johnny O's old Mugen's & he should be able to get any info you need.

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Oscottie: Bro sounds like your in a hell of a fight! Keep fighting & you will get there! I know it sucks at times, but we all have your back if you need us! I think most of us know how tough it can be mentally. I know that you will overcome this! ... more »

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FYI: The Sharps 45/90 isn't a muzzle loader, it's a Cartridge rifle that uses Black Powder & a 500Gr + lead bullet! I have a 45/70 Remington rolling block reproduction that use a BP cartridge. So I do know a little about long range shooting with ... more »

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it's not meant as anything but a little humor! Don't take it too seriously! It just seems that everyone has a tag put on them by someone, you can get mad about or do as I do . Just ignore the tag & go on with my life. If GuyB clicks it so be it!