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Captain, If you don't find one in a month or two, let me know, I know That I have one that only has about 2 hrs on it. Just unable to go take a look at my parts, due to my current injuries. I also have a set of cases & most of a clutch. Howard

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That dash is f’n ugly as shit!

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Guy’s, Made it home today, it going to be rough for a few days until some of the things I need to get around show up. Once I get a wheel chair & the walker with the arm brace, it’s on baby full force ahead to recovery. Once again I cannot thank y’all ... more »

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DL, I don’t think I’ll get back on the Ktm 450, I might ride the old Maico one more time before I sell it! I don’t want to put the wife through the worrying about me getting hurt, She’s went through hell as They weren’t sure that I would make it for ... more »

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Gang, I got great news today, as I put maximum effort into my physical therapy I’m going home Saturday morning. Home to my own bed! Home to my wife & home to home cooked meals. Like I said before, I’ll have therapy at home 3 times a week, but worry ... more »

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Lumpy, Most of my dogs over the years has been a rescue dog. My cousin in Calif runs a Golden retriever rescue, at times she has 10 dogs in the house! Niki was rescue from here in Houston, she was abused and tied up in the back yard. When I got her she ... more »

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I didn’t win a race when I was racing CMC in So.Calif in the 70’s & 80’s Moved to Texas in 95, Sold my street bike to get a down payment for the house. Found out from the guy’s at the dealership when I was buying a replacement street bike about local ... more »

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Great news! Looks like I’ll get to go home soon & continue my physical therapy 3 times a week there. I still have a ways to go, but I WILL get there. I’m thankful for all the prayers & well wishes, they helped to get me through some tought day’s. ... more »

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Deb, All I can tell you is that the Red is VW mars Red for 1976/77 Try calling Herb at Maico Only 909 947 1121 for the Silver.

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Wife bought a $5,000 sleep number with adjustable bases. I love the damm thing, my back didn’t hurt for the first time in years! I don’t think I’ll ever need a new, If I do it will probably be another Sleep number.

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Joe, I still have both the 81 & 83 Maico 490’s I also need to talk to about some paint on my BMW, it got knocked over in the garage. Other than that I’m good, got a lot of good people helping me!

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Dam it Newmann! When shit happens to you, you seem to come out on top. When it happens to me I smell like what ever I stepped in. What is the secret to coming out on top?

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All of dogs I’ve had as a adult have been rescued dogs. Now down to just one dog, i always have two dogs at a time, so they can keep each other company while I was at work. It will be a while before any more dogs, my other rescue dog is now 14, I don’t ... more »

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After being in the Hospital & rehab for 24 days mostly flat on my back. And dealing with not being able to take care of things at the house or do much for my self. The wife called me with bad news about one of my dogs, We are going to have to put ... more »

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Guys, First off thank you for all your prayers & well wishes ! A few corrections, no thoracic fracture, but a refracture of L2. A fractured rib on my left side. A bruised pancreas. I’m now in a nursing home/ rehab facility & after 22 day’s in ... more »

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FTE, I know the whole story about Rex getting the wrench to the face! I still have the wrench, I didn’t do it but one of my racing buddies brother did. He just took the wrench out of my tool box.

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Hey guys-thanks for the prayers & well wishes. It’s been a rough go but we’re making progress slow & steadily. They’re trying to get me out of bed for 20 mins @ a time but so far I can only make it about 8 min. Absolutely no strength or stamina. ... more »

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Craftsman now owned by Stanley & can be bought at ACE Hardware store! I quit buying Craftsman When a associate in the tool Dept wouldn't replace a Torque Wrench! I even had the sales receipt that stated it had a Life time warranty.

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I still use one of the local dealers, in fact I’m headed there in a hour to pick up some parts. I ordered on Friday,they called & emailmed me yesterday to let me know that the parts are in. On some bigger parts, l’ll check the internet, sometimes ... more »

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Having parents that owned restaurants, l tend to tip well! But when they do a really good job, I ask for the manager & tell them about the good service, it shocks most of them, normally they only hear about bad service. If I get bad service l Remember ... more »