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3 best options but all expensive 1. Grip studs. Expensive studs, labor intensive and you have to buy the tires. Positive, you can take good studs out and re use them on next tires you build 2. Mitas Winter friction Studded, Very expensive, no labor required, ... more »

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Looking for a Ride engineering steering damper and bracket for my 2018 Husky FC 350

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I was pretty sure the 13 was the last year of the closed cartridge. Are you sure the 14 doesn’t come with 4cs?

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Turbojez, did you see my dm?

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Seriously they look the same, why waste your time. If you were talking about a husky I would say that makes sense but I honestly can't tell the difference between the 18 and 19 KTM

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I would like to see a long exposure shot of you riding with your helmet off and the streeks coming off your mustache

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How much do you want for the uppers?

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Curious as why one of the rounds wasn't everett ? Always had a packed turnout

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Save your money, they are junk. I just sent my brand new set back for the third time because they didn't fit properly. You spend 2 times more for a custom brace and you get a off the shelf fit. Go into a big motorcycle shop that carries a bunch of brands ... more »

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It's the best thing you will ever buy. I kick myself all the time for not buying one sooner. I love the convenience of throwing my bike inside and heading out on a trip and not worrying where I'm going to sleep. Even if you decide to get a hotel you ... more »

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Even though I think the Husky looks better, I would buy the KTM strictly because it comes with Brembo over Magura. They are the same bike but the KTM brakes are way better than Husky

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Ummm, I would feel like there was only enough budget for one guy and as you stated the other guy was better. He would understand 100% . Racing is about results at the factory level not being a good guy. Racers understand that and if you have the opportunity ... more »

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I'm in the same boat as the original poster. I think if your getting 100% coverage you would be silly not to go with custom fitted braces.

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I saw you offering to trade spring cone valves for AER CV's. Are you interested in selling the Spring CVs?

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How much?

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How much for the Airbrakes?

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I agree, I've been mountain biking consistently over the past 5 years, I'm a month into owning a Specialized Kenevo, and it is possibly the best purchase of my life. My fitness is improving more so than my non powered past, ironically. I ride more, I can go as hard as I want,...more

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Ive been saying forever that e bikes are amazing for training and recovery but my elitist bike friends just throw rocks at me. Nice to see Im not alone

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You could fit this in a tweet. Barely a paragraph. Where is this open letter?