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How this for a review. You never see kyb conversion for sale but on any day there seems to be a new set of cone valves for sale

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For future reference, the crossfire 3 TA is a much more spacious boot in the toe and ankle area. The srs fit much tighter. The atojo fits similar to the srs with a little more room in the toe but still not as wide as the TA

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One tie dow from the D ring in the back to the foot peg and the D rings in the front to the handle bars. Works perfect.

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My question is what kind of test did he take. That PCR test is 90% inaccurate if cycled more than 25 times. The "WHO" finally came out and admitted it. Most places were cycling the testing 40-45 times to get a covid positive result.

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wow I couldn't watch more than 15 seconds of that once the shitty music started

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Everyone who owns a Yamaha raves about how great the KYB suspension is. I would try the KYB conversion. The fact that there is a pair of used Cone Valves on the buy sell every other day doesn't speak great for how good they are. I my self have cone valve ... more »

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Thats a sick bike, probably one of my favourite. On the note about buying the commercal. I would be cautious about buying a Ebike direct. I had so many issues with my Giant I would have been screwed if it was bought direct. Having that dealer support ... more »

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Intense Tazer looks like a dated pile of crap! So many other E-bikes out there that are better and look a lot better. Intense marketing this bike with MX involved is such a backwards step for E-bikes. E-bikes are already a sensitive subject around mountain ... more »

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ACL's take close to a year to fully heal. Most people start sport specific training at 6 months. The longer you wait the less likely you will be to re-injure. I Feel bad for these pro mx/sx riders that don't have the proper time to heal and re-injure ... more »

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When are we going to see the 2021 gas gas

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Maybe look at how long it takes a NFL player to come back from ACL. They have the best resources money can buy and they aren't back in 6 months. The ACL is not healed for close to a year. That's why all these moto guys keep re hurting there knees, they ... more »

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Is there anything stopping feld from having sx rounds later in the year when the motocross rounds would be held. I have to think if they decide to do that sponsors and factories will choose sx over mx. Is there anything stopping feld from taking over ... more »

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I have to say that my CTI custom ordering experience was really poor and I ended up returning multiple times before I gave up. This day and age they really need a better way of fitting peoples legs when spending thousands of dollars for custom braces. Measuring tap and a pen was pretty much it. I can buy $500 skates and they take a 3d scan of my feet and I get a perfect fit. 3000 Dollars and you get braces that might fit. By the end I felt I was paying for custom braces and getting a off the shelf fit. Really disappointed with CTI

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Has this not been done before? I feel like I've seen this multiple times before by other riders

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No more asinine than your original comment of him barely cutting the track and no penalty. Not only did he cut the track but he gained a position while doing it.

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I thought he was pretty honest about Steve. The Gypsy guy seems like a salty baby though.

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You clearly don’t have a sniff about what your talking about.

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He didn’t ask between a tc 250 and a tx 300. He asked between a tc 250 and a tc 300 so I’m assuming he wants a tc with the 300 kit. I’ve ridden tx and xc 300’s for years and I can tell you a tc 300 is a beast to ride compared to a tx or xc. A tc 300 ... more »

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People throwing tires in the river? Sounds like pretty shitty people in your area. Sounds like the people in your area have no respect for the land and that it has to be mandated by the organization because dip shits cant clean up after them selfs. Sounds ... more »