01 RM125 Rebuild 5

01 RM125 Rebuild
01 RM125 Rebuild 1st day in the dirt after the rebuild at milestone testing The day I brought her home, $500 I paid for her on offer up. Motor out of the bike ready to get rebuilt The carcass ready to be built on Swingarm bearings all fresh, neck bearings fresh with triple clamp and bars mounted Simple green and a brass brush will do wonders if you put in the work straight hammered old parts fresh rubber mounted up frame, hubs, swingarm, and wheels back from powder coating Just about finished a look down the hammered cylinder walls and piston before she was torn apart, this guys i bought this from must have been running it on straight water🤦‍♂️ Polisport Restyle kit installed Wheels laced and trued stock wheels and hubs with new moose spokes This front brake line would be replaced later with a CR style ride enginnering brake line 01 RM125 Rebuild Swingarm bearings gettting loved on one by one Coolant boogers - pre rebuild Steering Stem looked pretty good upon teardown....NOT!! Linkage back together and radiators going on A little elbow grease got this thing looking brand new again Motor back in the frame Head pre rebuild, hammered Teardown 01 RM125 Rebuild Maintain your bikes people they don't clean themselves Bling Bling 01 RM125 Rebuild Suspension going back on! Parts just begging me to bring them back from the dead A shot of the frame before powder coat 01 RM125 Rebuild 01 RM125 Rebuild 01 RM125 Rebuild Christmas during Summertime just  picking out parts and Chapparel 01 RM125 Rebuild 01 RM125 Rebuild 01 RM125 Rebuild Cleaning brake parts Waiting on new spokes Yuck 01 RM125 Rebuild 1st day in the dirt after the rebuild at milestone testing Frame rust 01 RM125 Rebuild 01 RM125 Rebuild 01 RM125 Rebuild 01 RM125 Rebuild 01 RM125 Rebuild fugly 01 RM125 Rebuild ready to be dropped off at the powder coaters 01 RM125 Rebuild This was my inspiration for my build, you gotta know where you want to take it and then add your own flare. Laced and ready for truing 01 RM125 Rebuild Fugly AF right before I started tearing this dinosaur down In all her glory🙌 Use good grease or pay for it later! #maxima Dropping off the frame at the powder coaters All done now just a little carb jet tweaking and we are good to rip this bike A little frame rust never hurt anyone 01 RM125 Rebuild
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General Info Additional Info
Model Year 2001
Brand Suzuki
Model RM
Engine Size 125
Engine Type 2-Stroke
Parts Brand Model Additional info
Plastic Polisport
Handlebar Pro Taper
Grips Renthal
Clutch Lever Other
Brake Lever Moose
Seat Other
Footpegs Other
Shifter Other
Exhaust FMF
Clutch Barnett
Piston ProX
Air Filter Uni
Engine Mods Other
Fork Showa
Rear Shock Showa
Tires Dunlop
Rims Other
Hubs Other
Sprockets Renthal
Chain DID
Brakes Ride Engineering
Brake Pads EBC
Brake Rotors Other
Oils/Lubes Maxima
Additional Info Purchased on offer up for $500 two months and two weeks later is how long it took me to build this RM125. Total build cost came out to $5,800 including the $500 bike
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