U.S. Field Trip: Jeffrey Herlings 12

When Jeffrey Herlings decided to add the U.S. season finale to his schedule, it raised a bunch of questions, so we got a bunch of answers.

Credit: GuyB
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  • Old-Man

    8/25/2017 8:14 PM

    Where are the JH pics from happy 20 young Man? good looking pic on the opening page

  • Bermshredder449

    8/25/2017 3:39 PM

    BTW , Im new to this forum stuff, but ,it seems that there is a lot of personal vendettas and useless anger towards each other going on. Everyone has a right to free speech in this Great Nation, That's 1 of the principles this country was founded upon .Calling people names, or being hostile to them for what THEY believe does everyone of us an injustice . To me Moto is a brotherhood that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of for the last 50 years. Embrace Diversity, the world goes past the end of the street you live on. BRAAAAPPP!!!!!

  • Old-Man

    8/25/2017 8:11 PM

    Much respect young Man, It would take another world invading our's to get us united as one. I don't see that happening anytime soon so we'll just keep dividing ourselves to make us feel better about ourselves. It's a short time feeling but it's like crack to some of us. As long as we feel good about ourselves for a mere second then it's worth it. better yet? get at least another person to agree. More than one? i'm invincible.
    This is what this Nation has come down to, another revolution? it may be here sooner than anyone expects and China/Russia is biting at the bit

  • Old-Man

    8/25/2017 8:16 PM

    My voice got deleted but it was backing yours

  • Bermshredder449

    8/25/2017 3:23 PM

    Good for him, Made some excellent remarks about not taking out Tomac, He is for sure a top 5, good luck, be safe, HAVE FUN !!!!!!!

  • smoothies862

    8/25/2017 3:19 PM

    I love when people call others idiots without the facts,lol. anyways...... I like this guy. I wish he would do the whole series.

  • DA498

    8/25/2017 6:44 AM

    Good for Him to come and participate, would like to see more of this. Good luck Jeffrey and have some fun.

  • motomike137

    8/25/2017 6:00 AM

    I am suddenly a huge fan.

  • DTR830

    8/24/2017 11:44 PM

    Why wouldn't he tattoo his own last name

  • Rockinar

    8/24/2017 11:34 PM

    1:35 "Dungey" tattoo on his arm. What an idiot. Lose a bet or something?

  • redbeard104

    8/24/2017 11:43 PM

    Thats Jade Dungey isn't it?

  • ML512

    8/24/2017 11:51 PM

    Jade Dungey (who you saw) is Ryan's older brother. I believe their pops has a similar tattoo...he's worked at KTM for around eight years now, I believe if I recall correctly.

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