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2/3/2018 9:11 AM

I am getting an 18 in the spring, i was just curious about the o ring on the inner fork tube. what size are those o rings and are there any specific type that i should get for my future aer forks


2/3/2018 9:19 AM

Heres one: Photo



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Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

2/3/2018 9:22 AM

that is not what im talking about. im talking about what size o ring i should buy to put on my inner fork tube so i can see how far the forks are compressing


2/3/2018 10:09 AM

Shock piston o-rings work well at 42.5mm (size reference from my CR250 2T, but most 46mm/50mm shock body bands should work). Also, don't be afraid to use a ziptie in a pinch; just don't strap it down uber tight. I'd guess that anything from 35mm-45mm would stretch to fit most modern 47/48/49mm forks