Cordless air compressor

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5/17/2021 4:16 AM

Hi guys

I'm looking for a cordless air compressor
So I can dry the bikes after I wash them

I don't like the bikes at the house so at the lockout I don't have power

Any recommendations?


5/17/2021 6:00 AM

DeWalt 20v leaf blower is how we do ours at the track so they don't leave puddles in the hauler.


5/17/2021 9:11 AM

Yep, a battery powered leaf blower.


5/17/2021 11:14 PM

Thanks for the reply I'll give that a try

Somewhat cheaper than a compressor gun too


5/19/2021 12:10 PM

Yes for a leaf blower. Don’t waist your money on a cheap one. I bought 2 different models from Walmart, 2nd one was so weak it wouldn’t blow a match out and the battery was dead at 13 minutes. The 1st one just stopped working.


5/19/2021 1:52 PM

Get a gas STIHL bg50 . $140 and blows way more than any battery powered one. Works way better at getting the moisture off .