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abomination abomination
5/25/2018 4:45 PM

I started a thread looking for recommendations on Japanese pit bikes:,20/Japanese-pit-bike,1340535 but neglected to make a poll.

I'm 6'2, 235 lbs, and want something to rip around a backyard track on. Not a ton of jumps at the moment, but looking to add some in the future.

I really want a clutch and a stronger engine than a 110.

Japanese pit bike

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bradmx421 bradmx421
5/25/2018 5:50 PM

True pit bikes are 110 and below..... only 2 options imo are klx110 or crf110 unless you want to build a killer CRF70

Don't let your height or weight be an excuse. I'm 6'4" and 250 on a good day and ride a 110

twist wrist and go...

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ThegodSmith ThegodSmith
5/25/2018 6:27 PM

IMO anything smaller than the 150 is no fun to ride (even putting around). The CRF150R shouldn't be on this list though, that thing is a monster!

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Marty1028 Marty1028
5/25/2018 7:47 PM
ThegodSmith wrote:

IMO anything smaller than ...more

I second this, snapped my femur right at the knee on one

2009 RMZ 250 (sold)
2004 LTZ 400

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racerx217 racerx217
5/25/2018 7:52 PM


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abomination abomination
5/25/2018 8:30 PM
bradmx421 wrote:

True pit bikes are 110 and ...more

0% concerned about whatever ‘true’ means.

110 would be an absolute minimum...feel like I’m going to blow out my knees riding stuff smaller.

Which of the 110s you like better?

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abomination abomination
5/25/2018 8:31 PM
ThegodSmith wrote:

IMO anything smaller than ...more

Marty1028 wrote:

I second this, snapped my ...more

Really?? Too fast?

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Boarddesign Boarddesign
5/25/2018 9:34 PM

My son just had a '18 150RB and it was so fun for me to play on! Every time we went to the track, I found something fun! I would love to have one as a goof off bike!

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ktmfun219 ktmfun219
5/26/2018 4:57 AM

1975 Suzuki TM 75 cc

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Spizzy Spizzy
5/26/2018 5:11 AM

Xr100/CR85 conversion. You get good brakes, suspension, and a motor that can be built as wild as you’d like it to be.

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Wandell Wandell
5/26/2018 6:58 PM

You know my opinion. I'm loving my KLX140L. And this is from someone who has owned a KLX110, a CRF150rb and now a 140. There's just something about modifying and riding these play bikes!

Photoaddklx110 by Wandell Asbell, on Flickr

Photoadd150 by Wandell Asbell, on Flickr

Photoklx1403 by Wandell Asbell, on Flickr

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blusmbl blusmbl
5/27/2018 6:52 AM

For a play bike I prefer the centrifugal clutch of the 110's and below, but you want a real clutch so those are out.

My girlfriend has a CRF150F and it's enjoyable to ride. It's also received approximately zero maintenance besides an initial oil change when we bought it in 2009. The tiny air cooled Hondas are bulletproof.

-2015 Grom grocery getter
-2011 Road King Classic
-2010 WR250X supermoto

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abomination abomination
5/27/2018 12:44 PM

I just feel like I need a clutch as a heavy person on an underpowered bike.

I also think my next full-size will be an Alta, so just one more thing I want different between the two for variety.

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kkawboy14 kkawboy14
5/27/2018 12:45 PM

Honda CUB

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craigathan404 craigathan404
5/27/2018 1:36 PM

CRF150R should not be considered pit bikes... those things haul serious ass.

I’m like 5’10, 180lbs and I rip my KLX110 (that I turned red to match my big bike) all day with no issues. Ive done some mods to it and tasteful appearance stuff but that’s about it and I love it. Just needs a pipe and it’ll be perfect. Photo

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Cliffy615 Cliffy615
5/29/2018 10:43 AM

Anyone ever made a 65 into a pit bike with high rise bars and longer cables? Always liked the idea of doing this wondered if anyone had

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Moto Mofo Moto Mofo
5/29/2018 10:47 AM

KLX140L should be your best option. People are starting to forget about XR100s these days, though. All depending upon your budget of course, but XR100s have the most hop up potential out of any of the vertical cylinder bikes. Lots of stuff available for them.

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Wandell Wandell
5/29/2018 11:10 AM
Cliffy615 wrote:

Anyone ever made a 65 into ...more

Yes, a few people have. is a great source of info on play bikes/pit bikes. There are some members there with serious fabrication skills. I think that modifying play bikes is half the fun. As long as you don't sink $10k into them that is!

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abomination abomination
5/29/2018 1:06 PM
Moto Mofo wrote:

KLX140L should be your ...more

If I knew it was exactly what I was looking for, I’d be more than willing to pay the price of a full size bike, mods included. Maybe more. But obviously don’t want to.

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dsmith dsmith
5/29/2018 1:21 PM

kx65 or z50

scte3.0 pro-line trinity tekin

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