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Can’t wait to have the season finale in a state where drinking is damn near illegal!

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I believe DC has said before on here that the yellow markers are a mere suggestion but should be followed to as best of the riders ability. We see riders go outside of them all the time. Seriously, if you went to all 12 nationals, you’d probably see ... more »

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They could practice on Friday. I know tons of riders are there on Friday anyways.

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Broadcast missed RJs crash doing a feature on RJ... then 5 minutes later ferrandis passes AC and they miss it. And then they don’t even bother to show a replay.

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Who the fuck is brain striptease mozart?

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Went back and played mxgp3 tonight and man it feels good. It really feels like you have traction everywhere and it just felt fun. The rider feels a little more stiff as far as turning and body weight but I still really enjoyed it. I’d rather play it ... more »

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You’re definitely right. I was thinking the same thing had it happened while vettel was 5 seconds ahead after the pits. It really seemed like wrong place wrong time for the mistake to happen. I’m a huge Mercedes fan. I worked for Mercedes for a long ... more »

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He was actually penalized for re-entering the track dangerously, not cutting the track. Let’s face it, sure, he made a mistake, went off the track, and re entered in a spot that wasn’t great. But if you watch the on board footage, you can see that he’s ... more »

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Because vettel regained the track and was still trying to regain control of his car and therefor forced Hamilton to take evasive action. There shouldn’t be a time penalty. It was a racing incident. These guys are doing 130-150mph(?) thru that turn. On ... more »

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His best lap was 10 seconds off AC92s in the first moto.

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Bought a set of fox airline and they had a hole in the index finger after one lap on my pit bike track.

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This, there hasn’t been MXdN in the milestone games for a few years now. Who knows, maybe it will be a DLC. They added quite a bit of DLC for MESX2.

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Do you mean Lamay or did blose have an issue too? That was super bizarre to me

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Ok maybe I’m losing my marbles.. but I swear on the TV broadcast today there has been an off and on beeping... sounds just like someone’s watch or alarm clock is going off.. Am I crazy or have any of you guys noticed it too?

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The guy wins round 1 and should take the rest of the series off? LOL... Does anyone else think he will be fine? He looked AWFUL at hangtown last year and he actually had a decent summer last year. I think he will be fine this summer and although he might ... more »

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Two weeks ago at the post race press conference he literally said he didn’t give a shit about the outdoors... his results today show he wasn’t kidding!

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Mine has worked great since the app came out a few years ago. Today was the first time I’ve ever had serious issues. Immediately at the end of 450 group A, it just said “coverage has concluded”. Now that’s all it’s saying. Tried closing out the app an ... more »

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Last guy to retire the week before hangtown was Ryan dungey just a few years ago. the same guy who ended JS7s career... I’m really glad I got to watch most of his career. The sport is better with him involved in it.

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Have you seen the chick he’s with now though?? He didn’t exactly downgrade by any means...

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Yeah the playground is badass. The SX tracks are not bad either. Number 3 is pretty fun