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He is the TMZ of moto. Stories with baseless facts and wild conclusions. Just a few weeks ago he was calling ZO16 a scumbag and a liar. What kind of “journalist” does that? As a fan I want the straight forward info and to get to know the racers better. ... more »

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This information is coming from the same guy who thinks ZO16 is a scumbag and two faced. Seriously he said it in one of his outdoor preview videos

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You don’t see this causing issues in other Motorsports. One way, limited pit-to-rider communications have got to happen sooner than later. Either a light on the handlebars with a LED indicating a flag color, or one way comms from the managers tower so ... more »

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Great content but 100% agree I feel like swap moto live usually has the worst audio quality out of all the podcasts available these days, which is a huge bummer because they’re usually good but as mentioned before, Anton seems to always be the quiet ... more »

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They have GOT to get rid of this guy. I’ve seen him in nascar and he’s not awful. But wow, the broadcast crew really are embarrassing themselves by bringing this know-nothing on the show. He has ZERO insight on literally anything related to SX. Besides ... more »

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Usually when I see Donns named attached to a SML interview I usually don’t click on it. Antons content is the only thing going on over there. Also, donn had nooooo problem coming on Steve’s show when he wanted to promote swap moto live..

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All this bitching and moaning on vital when you could have just skipped forward 15-20 mins!! Those 3 guys bust their asses so us dweebs on the internet can have content to read, listen, and enjoy. Seriously, just imagine MX without Steve JT or weege. ... more »

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Deano still is racing? Besides social media what has he done lately ?

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Oh, and maybe if possible ask if you can take the valve cover off and see if the injector seals are leaking. Look up “sprinter van Black Death” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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Looks clean, kinda high price for the size and miles of the van. But maybe if it was in perfect shape with no rust I suppose it’s not an outrageous price. I bought a 172 wheelbase, 05 sprinter with 280 for 8500 in Oregon just this last summer. Biggest ... more »

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I work on RVs/trailers, IMO the quickest way to diminish value along with ruin the trailer is to rent it out. People that are renting these things treat them like it’s a house and let their kids run rampant, and surely enough the trailer will be destroyed ... more »

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If they’re not a absolute rip off like the FMF drop subscription is, they might be worth buying.. they look good. I wonder if they are just Oakley/100% frames with a FMF strap?? I don’t know goggles well enough to tell just by looking. Maybe someone ... more »

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And the wheels are falling off the whiskey throttle wagon! Figured it was only a matter of time.

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I hate the thumps up/down feature but if it means I can give Ping a thumbs down on everything he posts then it’s ok with me.

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Well its not hard to locate parts when you are a former SX rider(and winner) and the PC shop is down the road...

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I wouldnt buy tickets til they are lining up for the first heat race of the season if 2021 is anything like 2020 LOL

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And on a 250 in a class that has an INSANE age rule

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Just leave a comment?! That’s it!? Sounds good to me !!

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Damn!! Would love to give a listen and hear what Mitch has to say, but it sucks pings in it. Such a shame